SHOW REVIEW: Ingram Hill at Peachtree Tavern

Last week, I got to see Ingram Hill play at Peachtree Tavern in ATL. The guys are on tour to promote their upcoming album, Look Your Best, which releases on September 28, via Rock Ridge Music.

This Memphis-based band has been around for awhile, but I only discovered their music when I got the opportunity to hear and review Look Your Best last month. (Read the review HERE.) Oh man! How is it that it took so long for their music to find the way to my ears?! Well, I will spare those of you out there that same fate, and tell you more about them NOW! (Unless of course you've been following this blog recently and already heard about them here! LOL.)

Ingram Hill is Justin Moore (vocals, guitar), Phil Bogard (guitar), and Zach Kirk (bass). I've already mentioned how much I love the upcoming album. So, I really liked 'discovering' some of their older songs during the show. I love "Almost Perfect" and "Impossible"

Their songs are meaningful, and performed with much passion. Yeah... all of it was great! I love it when the LIVE shows are just as good as a studio recording! It was easy to get lost in another world, experiencing the show from the foot of the stage!

Watch VIDEOS from the show HERE

The new album is titled, Look Your Best, but Ingram Hill doesn't need to rely on their good looks to win over new fans. Their music alone was enough to woo the ladies and still get the guys rockin' out! However, I did see a lot of females in the audience goin' crazy every time Justin flashed that beautiful smile! Yeah, these guys definitely know how to work the crowd and enchant the audience.

See SNAPSHOTS from the show HERE

Lastly, I love that they spent some time afterwards to interact with the fans. I won't lie. I felt special when I mentioned who I was and Justin recognized that I was on the guest list. *insert BIG GRIN here* I enjoyed meeting him and Phil (not sure where Zach was) and getting the chance to personally let them know how much I enjoyed their show and music. Unfortunately, I didn't get to do any kind of extensive interview with the band. There were other fans waiting for an opportunity to meet them, and I'm a nice gal, so I kept it brief.

with Justin and Phil!

Lucky for many of you out there, the tour is not over yet! As I write this, they are playing in Fayettville, AR.

9/16 - Oxford, MS / Proud Larry's (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/17 - Starkville, MS / Rick's Café (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/22 - Athens, GA / Melting Point (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/24 - Auburn, AL / Bourbon Street (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/25 - Jackson, MS / Hal & Mal's Red Room
9/30 - Hattiesburg, MS / Mug Shots
10/15 - Birmingham, AL / Zydeco
10/16 - Natchez, MS / Great Mississippi River Balloon Race
10/28 - Tuscaloosa, AL / The Dixie (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)

I suggest you get to one of these shows if you are in the area! Then on September 28, make sure to pick up their new album, Look Your Best!

Make sure to check back HERE soon, when the Photo Gallery is up!

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