LISTEN: Peter Comes From Neverland - Self Titled EP

Though Peter Comes From Neverland, is actually Peter Covington of Sydney, Australia... he might as well be from a place as full of magic as Neverland. The creativity in this album surely expresses that.

Check out this wonderful, self-titled EP from Peter Comes From Neverland. The 6 song album is a brilliant collection, I find so lovely to experience. While I enjoy the whole album, here are some thoughts on the four that I really connected with the most, and my picks for best tracks.

Peter Comes From Neverland (2010)
Best Tracks
It starts off with the funky and vibrant, "Trigger". If I close my eyes, I imagine getting lost in a psychedelic dizzy spell of sorts. The music is just so colorful and full of energy! And I love the lyrics:
"Your trigger got me from the start. Your trigger got me got me..."
"Airplane" has a child-like wonder in it's sound. Picture a little kid playing with a wooden toy plane, guiding it through the air with little hands. An interesting comparison to the songs lyrics, which are more intense and thought-provoking in subject matter.

"Absorb" is my favorite song of the whole album. The guitar picking and Peter's voice are instantly enchanting. It's a very simple, yet emotional song, and I absolutely love it! And he woos me with:
"You're all I want...to absorb. You're all I want...to absorb."
"Walking Away" goes almost a full 1.5 minutes, before you even hear vocals. Just enough for you to get caught up in the music and hooked in by that drum beat.

You can get the album on iTunes, where it was released in March with only 4 songs. But I recommend getting it at petercomesfromneverland.bandcamp.com which has the full 6 song collection.

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