JEN - Founder
I love music. All kinds of music. A Million Watts of Sound comes from that love for music and the talented artists that create and share their incredible goods.

As a fellow creative, when I am passionate about a particular band, solo artist, or song, its a natural feeling for me to want to tell everyone I know about it. It's the original concept of this site, and what I will strive for this place to maintain.

I shall always make every effort to keep the integrity of my blog, by only writing that which I believe. I have always had a love for the written word and possess great passion for the way music is integral in my life.

Through the continued support and interest of readers, artists, music lovers, et al. it has started to take on a life of it's own. So thank you so much!

May it always stay a true reflection of me and an example of how music and artists make a difference in the world.

TYLER ALLEY - Contributor
Ever since birth, I have enjoyed music in every form. My parents influenced my tastes a good bit, exposing me to such great artists like Yanni, Depeche Mode, Garbage, The Smashing Pumpkins, etc. It is from the sharing of their music that I also love to share the music I love with other people. Anyone that has ever ridden in a car with me will tell you that one minute we can be listening to the soothing voice of Celine Dion and immediately go straight to the shrieking vocals and down-tuned guitars of The Devil Wears Prada. I hope that by writing for the blog, people come to learn and grow in their appreciation of all different types of music, as I have over the years.

WILL AVERY - Contributor
I live for the musical experience.  I am a graduate student in history and write and research the music written by early 20th century folk musicians in textile mills and coal mines around the south.  I have a deep love for music rooted in the American experience; Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen, among others.  Protest music carries so much emotion with it, and tapping into these emotions is a way for me to connect with those that experienced the world differently from me.  I also delve into the more modern indie folk movement that runs through bands such as Iron and Wine, Brights Eyes, and the Avett Brothers.  Live music is one of my passions.  Not the experience where a concert will sound just like the album you just bought, but shows in which artists aren't afraid to try a song they have never played or just go out on a limb.  I look forward to sharing my opinions and experiences with anyone who cares to listen to my ramblings.

BECKY CRUZ - Contributor
I live for the music. I'm constantly on the lookout for up and coming artists to satisfy my hunger for new music. I'm always obsessing over songs and sometiems find myself unintentionally cramming them down people's throats. I'm excited about contributing to A Million Watts of Sound and using this as an outlet to spread my excitement about the music I'm loving at the moment.

BRIAN JIMENEZ - Contributor
My musical influences began at the age of 15 ranging from the early experimental art rock of The Velvet Underground to the electronic balladry of Bj√∂rk. Since then, music has been such a significant component of my life and i have made it my principle to never disregard or hate any form or genre of music. Now I strive to share anything musically intriguing and inspiring I come across with whom ever is willing to listen.