SPECIAL: Ingram Hill Livestream 09/27/2010 - (with A Million Watts of Sound mention!)

Ingram Hill rules. This band has been around for awhile, though I only recently discovered their music a couple months ago. Besides their inspiring and invigorating music, I love how interactive they are with their fans (both new and old)! Justin, Phil, and Zach are still on tour promoting the new album Look Your Best which comes out tomorrow, 09/28!!

I HIGHLY suggest you go seem them LIVE if you can! Check out the Tour Dates for a show in your area!
After getting the opportunity to review Look Your Best, and then see them LIVE in ATL...(I still have to get the photo gallery up from that show!) they are definitely one of my favorite bands, and I'll do my best to keep spreading the word about them.

If you missed out on the livestream they did tonight, you can watch the recording below. There is fun conversation and interaction with the fans, as well as performances of "Miss Kennedy", "Hey Girl", "As Long As I'm With You" and "On My Way". Hopefully they do something like this again!

PS - Thanks for remembering when we met in ATL and mentioning my blog near the end! I enjoyed taking part, and that just totally made my night!



SPECIAL: A Million Watts of Sound is featured on the latest Ariel Publicity Newsletter!!!

For the second time in the past 2 years, A Million Watts of Sound is honored to make it as the Featured Blog on the latest newsletter from Ariel Publicity! (Last time was in September 2008)
Ariel Publicity is a well-established, widely known firm that helps artists promote themselves online through blogs, social media, internet radio stations, podcasts, and other outlets.
Thanks so much for the continued support and recognition!!! :)
Here's the newsletter in it's entirety.
Download now or preview on posterous
AMWOS_ARIEL.pdf (9166 KB)



A WORD FROM: The Famous - Free Show on Twang Sunday in San Francisco!! 09/26

Hey, San Francisco!!! You are one of my favorite places to be and The Famous are playing there tomorrow, Sunday, 09/26! Stuff like this makes me wish I still lived in Northern California! So, all my Cali peeps who'll be in the area...this is a show you shouldn't miss! Firstly, because The Famous are effin' AWESOME!!! Secondly, it's FREE!!! 
parksideThe Famous, in their own words:
Here’s something for nothing, which will be quite something.
We’re playing a free Sunday matinee show… starting at 4 p.m. on September 26th at Thee Parkside. We’ll be doing two full sets of originals and some classic country covers, so make your requests now.
We always love Twang Sunday because it’s all family. An afternoon BBQ, all ages and this time around to celebrate the show host Boom’s birthday.
It’s been great seeing everyone recently as we’ve opened for the likes of Red Meat, the Toadies, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Drag the River and others… now’s our first chance in awhile to show you our full repertoire.
Sunday, September 26th Early Show: *4 p.m. -to- 6 p.m.
*Thee Parkside
1600 17th Street @ Wisconsin in SF
No Cover, All Ages
We’ll be wrapping up 2010 with a few more shows around the Bay Area with the others set for Berkeley, the Peninsula and South Bay, but this’ll very likely be the last SF show of the year as we start work on some new recordings.
And again, as Thee Parkside always says… ‘Bring down the whole family. Twang Sundays are Free, All Ages and the BBQ Pulled Pork for $5 is alone worth the trip down!’
The Bloody Marys are damn good too. Hope to see you at Twang Sunday.

A WORD FROM: Jenny and Johnny - Special Show at Third Man Records in Nashville! 09/26

Jenny and Johnny have been touring the states to support their latest album, I'm Having Fun Now. The album was just released last month and is getting rave reviews! For you lucky folks in Nahsville, the duo will be performing at Third Man Records.

The show is tomorrow,  Sunday, September 26th at 6pm on 623 7th Ave South in Nashville. Advance Tickets are still available from the Third Man Records store TODAY from 12-4pm for ONLY $3!!!

And as if that isn't cool enough... when fans arrive at the venue their ticket will be stamped, after which, they have 3 days to return to the Third Man shop if they would like to purchase a black and blue colored vinyl of the show. These are a limited edition of 300 copies only, fans are only eligible if they attend the show!

Jenny and Johnny in their own words:
On the twenty-sixth day of this month, we will give a celebratory concert for three hundred of our friends at Third Man Records in Nashville, Tennessee.  We are celebrating the changing of the seasons and change itself.  However, since you have been so kind and gracious in your patronage of our new LP and our American tour, we don't want to take too much change from your pockets. Tickets will be three dollars.  The show will be in keeping with the ideals and practices of Third Man Records, which is to say that it will be recorded to tape in two fifteen minute sets, to be released at a later date.  We would like to thank Third Man Records in advance and promise to do our very best.
We wish you all a lovely Fall,
and J
Third Man Records
623 7th Ave South
Nashville, TN
Advance tickets available at Third Man Records Friday and Saturday from 12-4p.
Keep your ticket and redeem it for a Black and Blue limited edition vinyl version of the show.


GOODIES: John Vanderslice - Green Grow the Rushes

Came across this incredible and talented artist, John Vanderslice, by way of www.speakersincode.com, where I learned he is offering a FREE download of his EP, Green Grow the Rushes.

Love what you hear? I know I do. FYI. This isn't his first release. So, go visit his website www.johnvanderslice.com for access to even more great music and info about John.

SINGLED OUT: Mr. Little Jeans - Faking Gold

Don't let the name or the ummm...interesting(?) press photo fool you. Mr. Little Jeans is actually the alias of Monica Birkenes, whose gorgeous voice is who you'll hear on the song below. It's an awesomely addictive song called Faking Gold and I love it! I think you will too.

This talented Norwegian artist just released an EP called Angel, earlier this year. Rumor has it she'll be releasing a new single later this year. I can't wait to hear more from Mr. Little Jeans! So stay tuned 'cause when I do, I'll be sure to pass along the news!



GOODIES: Nappy Roots - Nappy University Volume 2

Back in June, we let you know about the awesome DJ Smallz presents Nappy Roots - Nappy University: Southern Smoke Edition. It's still available and it's still FREE! Find out more HERE.

In honor of the recent Nappy Roots Day on 09.16.2010, Nappy Roots made available another collection of awesome songs FREE for download. Check out Greg Street & DJ Smallz present Nappy Roots - Nappy University Volume 2: Fall Semester. Visit www.nappyroots.com and go get it now!

And while you're at it. Go get The Pursuit of Nappyness, available in stores and online now!

SPECIAL: Find Magic at Macy's with Val Emmich

This weekend, while perusing through the channels, I had to stop for a commercial. Not just any commercial. But, one that features, the one an only, Val Emmich, a creative jack-of-all-trades (singer/songwriter/actor/writer/and more...).   He is the main character in the Macy's "Find Your Magic" commercial, in which he appears alongside: Tommy Hilfiger, Martha Stewart, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Donald Trump, Rachel Roy, and Jessica Simpson.

Lookin' pretty sharp in that suit, Val! Very handsome!

Besides acting and writing, Val is an incredible musician. His latest album releases tomorrow 09/21. It's called Looking For A Feeling You Never Knew You Needed, and I was lucky enough to get an exclusive listen of it recently. Read the early review of the album HERE. Then go get the album tomorrow!!!



VIDEO: Radiohead - All I Need - (Scotch Mist Version / MTV Exit Campaign Version)

Radiohead's "All I Need" is one of my absolute favorite songs, from one of my absolute favorite bands of all time. So I felt like sharing two different videos for it. Damn, Thom Yorke is so brilliant sexy. :)

VIDEO: David Garza - Disco Ball World

Came across David Garza's video for Discoball World while browsing online. Haven't seen this video or heard this song in years, but I still enjoy it. The typography is done by my creative design hero, David Carson, who is the one that introduced me to David Garza's music when he showed this video at one of his speaking engagements. So I'm sharing this video with much love to both Davids!

SINGLED OUT: Motorifik - Secret Things

Motorifik is the side project of Phil Kay (Working For A Nuclear Free City) and French songwriter, Idrisse Khelifi, who met in Manchester in 2006.


Check out this title track and first single from Motorifik's, upcoming LP, Secret Things. The album releases on November 9th, 2010 on Modern Language Recordings. If this is any indication of what the rest of the album contains, it's bound to be really good!
This song originally premiered on www.popmatters.com.



VIDEO: Mixtapes + Meltdowns - Blindfold

Holy wow! This song is awesome. I don't know much about this artist yet, as I just recently discovered her and can't find much online. But, Laurie Stark is Mixtapes + Meltdowns and she is pretty badass. Discovered her music through www.thesixtyone.com, where you can get some of her songs for FREE. And she just released an EP a few weeks ago. Get it HERE. Check out this video that a friend of hers put together. Nice!

LIST: 10 Songs To Listen To - 09.17.10

Click on song titles to get music!

Love 'em like I do? Add them to your music collection.

10 Songs To Listen To (listed in no particular order)

Nappy Roots - The People
Red Directors - Been Around
Abraham the Poor - Aubrey 

The Walla Recovery - Beautiful You
Peter Buzzelle - We're Better Together
The On Fires - Without
Peter Comes From Neverland - Absorb
The xx - Islands
Pete Yorn - Precious Stone


SHOW REVIEW: Ingram Hill at Peachtree Tavern

Last week, I got to see Ingram Hill play at Peachtree Tavern in ATL. The guys are on tour to promote their upcoming album, Look Your Best, which releases on September 28, via Rock Ridge Music.

This Memphis-based band has been around for awhile, but I only discovered their music when I got the opportunity to hear and review Look Your Best last month. (Read the review HERE.) Oh man! How is it that it took so long for their music to find the way to my ears?! Well, I will spare those of you out there that same fate, and tell you more about them NOW! (Unless of course you've been following this blog recently and already heard about them here! LOL.)

Ingram Hill is Justin Moore (vocals, guitar), Phil Bogard (guitar), and Zach Kirk (bass). I've already mentioned how much I love the upcoming album. So, I really liked 'discovering' some of their older songs during the show. I love "Almost Perfect" and "Impossible"

Their songs are meaningful, and performed with much passion. Yeah... all of it was great! I love it when the LIVE shows are just as good as a studio recording! It was easy to get lost in another world, experiencing the show from the foot of the stage!

Watch VIDEOS from the show HERE

The new album is titled, Look Your Best, but Ingram Hill doesn't need to rely on their good looks to win over new fans. Their music alone was enough to woo the ladies and still get the guys rockin' out! However, I did see a lot of females in the audience goin' crazy every time Justin flashed that beautiful smile! Yeah, these guys definitely know how to work the crowd and enchant the audience.

See SNAPSHOTS from the show HERE

Lastly, I love that they spent some time afterwards to interact with the fans. I won't lie. I felt special when I mentioned who I was and Justin recognized that I was on the guest list. *insert BIG GRIN here* I enjoyed meeting him and Phil (not sure where Zach was) and getting the chance to personally let them know how much I enjoyed their show and music. Unfortunately, I didn't get to do any kind of extensive interview with the band. There were other fans waiting for an opportunity to meet them, and I'm a nice gal, so I kept it brief.

with Justin and Phil!

Lucky for many of you out there, the tour is not over yet! As I write this, they are playing in Fayettville, AR.

9/16 - Oxford, MS / Proud Larry's (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/17 - Starkville, MS / Rick's Café (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/22 - Athens, GA / Melting Point (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/24 - Auburn, AL / Bourbon Street (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/25 - Jackson, MS / Hal & Mal's Red Room
9/30 - Hattiesburg, MS / Mug Shots
10/15 - Birmingham, AL / Zydeco
10/16 - Natchez, MS / Great Mississippi River Balloon Race
10/28 - Tuscaloosa, AL / The Dixie (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)

I suggest you get to one of these shows if you are in the area! Then on September 28, make sure to pick up their new album, Look Your Best!

Make sure to check back HERE soon, when the Photo Gallery is up!

VIDEO: Ingram Hill - Songs from Peachtree Tavern - 09.10.10

Ingram Hill
Peachtree Tavern
Atlanta (Buckhead) GA

"Hey Girl" is so awesome. I hate that this clip is so short, and I didn't get the whole song. At the time I was still trying out the video camera on my Blackberry. SORRY!!! :( It's such a beautiful song too! Anyways, after hearing it LIVE, this has since become one of my favorites of ALL their songs I've heard so far, and I think one of the top songs from the new album, Look Your Best (out on Sept. 28, via Rock Ridge Music).

"Broken Lover" is the first song from the upcoming album, Look Your Best. I love the catchy "whoa oh"s throughout. :-) Fun!

"Impossiblehad a fun twist when they incorporated the chorus of Travie McCoy's "Billionaire". Which they follow with "Something to Cry To", a new favorite of mine (even though it's an older Ingram Hill song). The video finishes up with "What If I'm Right". Love that catchy guitar riff!

"As Long As I'm With You" is one of my favorite songs and the first single to be released from the upcoming album, Look Your Best.

"Almost Perfect" was perfect to me! I love the music but especially the lyrics. There's some conversation with the crowd before they go into the last song of the evening, "Four Letter Word".

ON THE ROAD: Band of Horses

One of my favorite bands is about to hit the road! Band of Horses!!! YAY!!!

Click HERE for more information on ticketing.

23rd Henry Miller Library Big Sur, CA - SOLD OUT
24th Greek Theatre Berkeley, CA
25th Greek Theatre Los Angeles, CA
27th The Joint Las Vegas, NV
28th In The Venue Salt Lake City, UT
29th Fillmore Auditorium Denver, CO

1st Val Air Ballroom Des Moines, IA
2nd Farm Aid Milwaukee, WI
4th House Of Blues Cleveland, OH
5th Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Columbus, OH
6th Brown Theatre Louisville, KY
10th Austin City Limits Austin, TX
12th Cain's Ballroom Tulsa, OK
13th The Pageant St Louis, MO
14th Uptown Theatre Kansas, MO
16th Tennessee Theatre Knoxville, TN
17th Egyptian Room Indianapolis, IN
19th Riviera Theatre Chicago, IL
21st Koolhaus Toronto, ON
22nd The Fillmore Detroit Detroit, MI
28th Thomas Wolfe Auditorium Asheville, NC
29th North Charleston Coliseum North Charleston, SC
30th The Fox Theater Atlanta, GA

Nappy Roots, Y'all!

Been wanting this for awhile, and FINALLY got it! Much love for Nappy Roots!


CREATIVE ALLIES: Pete Yorn Commemorative Poster Entry

Pete Yorn has a contest via www.creativeallies.com to design the commemorative art poster for his new self-titled album and upcoming shows in LA and NYC. This is my first entry. PLEASE click on the image or visit the link below and vote for me! :) Thanks!!!


SHOW REVIEW: The On Fires at Rye Bar

Wow. 09/09/10 is a night I will never forget. The night I saw Australian band, The On Fires, play at Rye Bar in Athens, GA. A night that almost didn't happen...but thankfully did.

This isn't just a review of music. This is a story of commitment, passion, and reward. Theirs and mine.

After a long day of work, and an hour commute to Athens, I was absolutely ready to see them perform. (For those who followed my tweets and tumblr-ing that night, I had posted notes & pics in real time trying to incorporate new features to this site.) I arrived early, and ended up still waiting well past when the doors should've opened. But for whatever reason, they weren't. I met up with other friends elsewhere for awhile, and then asked my boyfriend to drive us back around 10, just in case they were still playing...

Thank God! We had arrived in the middle of sound check, and they were about to start soon. BTW, though we still don't know why the place opened late, let me note that the band was not at fault. I saw the drummer show up earlier (just didn't realize at the time that's who he was) and leave when the door was still locked. OK. Enough about that...

After a few min. of listening to sound check, Max Harman, the fiery redhead female in the band introduced herself to me and we chatted for a bit before the show. Already, I was glad I took the chance of returning to the venue. I discovered that Max and Marty Xennoff, the male vocals and guitarist who rocks an awesome beard, founded The On Fires, in Melbourne, Australia. Brothers, Kent (drums) and Kevin Aberle (bass) are local Georgia musicians, and had just performed with The On Fires' in ATL.

While talking with Max, I also learned that the performance is only a portion of the whole process...though it is the reward of all efforts. There is A LOT of work that goes into making that moment happen. Not just the practices and songwriting and creative aspects of a show...but, the logistics of setting up a tour - including travel, accomodations, and booking. I could certainly appreciate their passion and dedication. They are artists who live and breathe their craft in true creative fashion. I felt a mutual respect, and shared understanding, as I compared the similarities to my own experiences that night.
"Marty and I formed The On Fires in 2003. This band is almost like a child, in that there is so much time and expense that is put into it's growth." - Max
Soon after, they went into their set and I was blown away. I was already impressed with what I'd heard from their album, Betrayer. But seeing & hearing them perform LIVE was a really enhanced experience!  I was still surprised that the Aberle brothers were only playing the local shows of the Kangaroo Punk Tour. The group dynamic was so awesome!

After the first set, the band interacted with the fans in the audience. At different intervals, I got one-on-one conversations with Max, Marty, and Kent (I didn't get a chance to talk too much to Kevin). It was clear to me the reason why their group dynamic was so great. The shared passion and commitment was felt during our chats, as well as expressed in their performances. Max shared stories with me of some of the adventures she and Marty have had with this band.
"The rewards are so magnificent. We played amazing places like Ukraine, Pacific Islands, and even a random 90th birthday party in Poland!" (They were invited by some people Marty met on their night off.) - Max
The On Fires were asked to play a second set, and despite me having the commute back home and a day job to go to in less than 7 hours, I toughed it out and stayed for the second set. Again, so glad I did! New people in the audience had come in to check them out...and they STILL rocked the set hard...maybe even harder. Marty's guitar solo during "Without" was INSANE the second time around. Stepping away from the stage area, full of passion as he writhed on the floor... and closing out the song with a hell of a riveting performance. I tried to capture the footage as best as I could with my Blackberry and very dim lighting... but in the last few minutes of the song you can still see what I'm talking about. Watch the videos HERE.

Believe me, I could still go on and on about how amazing they are. It was challenging for me to keep video footage steady, take photos, and stop for an occasional note taking for this review, because all I wanted to do was jump around all crazy and sing along with some of my favorite songs! (Don't worry, I did get the opportunity to do this a few times!) Instead, I hope that what I've shared has already convinced you of that.

I recommend experiencing The On Fires for yourself. Discover them HERE. Check out their website www.theonfires.com to learn more about the band and hear their music. If you can, go catch one of their shows on the remaining dates of the Kangaroo Punk Tour.

Sep 18 2010 9:00P Binghamton University, Union Building Vestal, NY
Sep 21 2010 9:00P Lucky 7 Tavern Jersey City, NJ
Sep 22 2010 11:00P Arlene's Grocery Store New York, N.Y.
Sep 23 2010 9:00P The Dover Brick House Dover, NH
Sep 24 2010 8:00P Milly's Tavern Manchester, NH
Sep 30 2010 9:00P Castaways Ithaca, NY
Oct 1 2010 6:00P Crocodile Rock Cafe Allentown, PA
Oct 2 2010 11:00P All Asia Cambridge, MA
Oct 3 2010 7:00P THE SAINT Asbury Park, NJ

I left that night feeling like I had just made friends for life. I can't wait until they come back to the US next year. Until then, I've got an unforgettable night full of memories to keep me until next time.

Oh, yeah...and make sure to come back soon and check out the photo gallery HERE.


VIDEO: The On Fires - Hotel Room / Without

The On Fires
Rye Bar
Athens, GA

Two of my favorite songs from the album, Betrayerand from both sets they played that night.

"Hotel Room"

This is from the 1st set they played that night at Rye Bar in Athens, GA. 09/09/10.
I apologize for it being so dark. Tried to get better lighting with some close ups, but It was an intimate venue and the lighting couldn't be helped much by my Blackberry's camera light.


This is from the 2nd set they played that night at Rye Bar in Athens, GA. 09/09/10.
I apologize for it being so dark. It was an intimate venue and the lighting couldn't be helped much by my Blackberry's camera light. Still, the song is great and around the 5 min mark, Marty goes into an insane guitar performance which I was able to capture in better lighting.

LISTEN: Peter Comes From Neverland - Self Titled EP

Though Peter Comes From Neverland, is actually Peter Covington of Sydney, Australia... he might as well be from a place as full of magic as Neverland. The creativity in this album surely expresses that.

Check out this wonderful, self-titled EP from Peter Comes From Neverland. The 6 song album is a brilliant collection, I find so lovely to experience. While I enjoy the whole album, here are some thoughts on the four that I really connected with the most, and my picks for best tracks.

Peter Comes From Neverland (2010)
Best Tracks
It starts off with the funky and vibrant, "Trigger". If I close my eyes, I imagine getting lost in a psychedelic dizzy spell of sorts. The music is just so colorful and full of energy! And I love the lyrics:
"Your trigger got me from the start. Your trigger got me got me..."
"Airplane" has a child-like wonder in it's sound. Picture a little kid playing with a wooden toy plane, guiding it through the air with little hands. An interesting comparison to the songs lyrics, which are more intense and thought-provoking in subject matter.

"Absorb" is my favorite song of the whole album. The guitar picking and Peter's voice are instantly enchanting. It's a very simple, yet emotional song, and I absolutely love it! And he woos me with:
"You're all I want...to absorb. You're all I want...to absorb."
"Walking Away" goes almost a full 1.5 minutes, before you even hear vocals. Just enough for you to get caught up in the music and hooked in by that drum beat.

You can get the album on iTunes, where it was released in March with only 4 songs. But I recommend getting it at petercomesfromneverland.bandcamp.com which has the full 6 song collection.


SPECIAL: Remembering 9/11

I remember exactly where I was the moment I found out about what was happening in NY. I was living in CA at the time, and my roommate woke me up just after 6 AM (PST) to tell me what he just heard. It's been 9 years already... I can't believe it. My heart and prayers are with the friends and family who still grieve from their lost loved ones. In remembrance of lives lost, and in support of all those who continue to try the make this world a safer and better place since that moment... here are a few songs and the stories behind them.

We will not forget the tragedy, but more importantly, we will REMEMBER the lives and how this moment changed us.

Download now or listen on posterous
America.mp3 (6412 KB)
Imagine Dragons - "America" 
We wrote this song as a reflection of our love and gratitude for this great country and those who keep it free. At a time when there is fear and economic turmoil both here and abroad, we felt as though the best way to honor the fallen and injured who put their lives on the line is to create something positive and uplifting (a rarity in today's media). The song and music video "America" is dedicated particularly to the Wounded Warrior Project, which provides support for injured vets - please consider donating to this great cause at http://wwpproudsupporter.kintera.org/imaginedragonsband.

Lily Sparks - "Where are We Today
Where are we today is a song written about the choices that we make and the questions that remain. It is all about taking a step back and reflecting on the decisions we have made, how they have impacted us and what they mean to us today.

Download now or listen on posterous
07_No_More.mp3 (3300 KB)
Davy Mooney - "No More" 
I wrote the song on September 12th, 2001. It's written from the perspective of the people who died; they're thinking about some of the things that they won't experience anymore. The tone is bittersweet. That day was such a beautiful Fall day in New York, and I was thinking about the mundane realities of a New York commute. On a gorgeous day, all these people showed up to work, taking the trains, drinking their coffee, and then they were all brutally murdered. The screams in the song are supposed to be their screams.

Peter Buzzelle -"What Are We Fighting For
I wrote this song about a personal relationship I was having at the time. To me, the song is about loss and longing for something that one can no longer have. My hope is that it has a universal meaning that many people can relate to."


SNAPSHOTS: Ingram Hill - Peachtree Tavern - 09/10/10

@ingramhill put on a great show tonight!! Can't wait to go through all the images and footage I got. :-)

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