SPECIAL: Ingram Hill Livestream 09/27/2010 - (with A Million Watts of Sound mention!)

Ingram Hill rules. This band has been around for awhile, though I only recently discovered their music a couple months ago. Besides their inspiring and invigorating music, I love how interactive they are with their fans (both new and old)! Justin, Phil, and Zach are still on tour promoting the new album Look Your Best which comes out tomorrow, 09/28!!

I HIGHLY suggest you go seem them LIVE if you can! Check out the Tour Dates for a show in your area!
After getting the opportunity to review Look Your Best, and then see them LIVE in ATL...(I still have to get the photo gallery up from that show!) they are definitely one of my favorite bands, and I'll do my best to keep spreading the word about them.

If you missed out on the livestream they did tonight, you can watch the recording below. There is fun conversation and interaction with the fans, as well as performances of "Miss Kennedy", "Hey Girl", "As Long As I'm With You" and "On My Way". Hopefully they do something like this again!

PS - Thanks for remembering when we met in ATL and mentioning my blog near the end! I enjoyed taking part, and that just totally made my night!


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