DISCOVER: The On Fires

Australian band, The On Fires, certainly know how to live up to their name. After hearing just a few of their songs, I'm already wanting to hear them LIVE. And I just may get that opportunity, seeing as how they are currently on tour and have a couple shows in GA.

Check out this sampler of songs from their latest release, Betrayer.

See what I mean?

I love songs I can just crank up and rock out to, don't you? "Coming Home" is easily one of those songs. So much energy!

Isn't "Hotel Room" so infectious?! Once you've heard it all the way through, it's likely it'll be stuck in your head for awhile.

"Sorry Now" has a lot going on in it, but they find a way to make it work. It's crazy, but I like it!

I love the intro on "Without". If you aren't hooked in the first 15 seconds of that 30 sec intro, then you better get your ears checked. It's pretty awesome. Just like the rest of the song! :)

I hope to make it to their show in Athens next week. If I do, I'll be sure to write a review on it. The On Fires are currently on tour so go check 'em out! If you're in Orlando, FL, they are playing tonight!!!

Sep 3 2010 9:30P A House Orlando, FL
Sep 4 2010 9:00P Orbital 19 Lounge Holiday, FL
Sep 8 2010 8:00P Lenny's Bar Atlanta, GA
Sep 9 2010 8:00P Rye Bar Athens, GA
Sep 18 2010 9:00P Binghamton University, Union Building Vestal, NY
Sep 21 2010 9:00P Lucky 7 Tavern Jersey City, NJ
Sep 22 2010 11:00P Arlene's Grocery Store New York, N.Y.
Sep 23 2010 9:00P The Dover Brick House Dover, NH
Sep 24 2010 8:00P Milly's Tavern Manchester, NH
Sep 30 2010 9:00P Castaways Ithaca, NY
Oct 1 2010 6:00P Crocodile Rock Cafe Allentown, PA
Oct 2 2010 11:00P All Asia Cambridge, MA
Oct 3 2010 7:00P THE SAINT Asbury Park, NJ

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Unknown said...

The On Fires thank you for the mention & look forward to meeting everyone at Lenny's Bar on Wednesday! xx