LISTEN: Emrah Kento - Culture Shock

I'm pretty much in love with your music. :) Please make more.

Love always,
Ok. So that would be my short and sweet love note to this deliciously talented artist. His debut EP, Culture Shock is only 4 songs long. But in this album, it's hard not to recognize there is talent...and plenty of it.

I love the lyrics and the easy way I get lost in the songs.

I've mentioned this track in a previous post, but "In the Morning" is just amazing! It's pretty powerful, as it evokes serious mushiness from me, and every time I listen to this song I feel the need to tell my boyfriend how much I love him!
In the morning,
in the morning.
I'm at ease, I'm adoring
waking up to you

Overall, it's a great EP. I like the range of Emrah's vocals from an edgy rock-with-a-bit-of-funk sound in "Break the Rules" to the sexy simplicity of how they accompany the guitar strumming in "Sunsets". Then there's "Lost Chance" which interestingly partners a mild pop beat with sad lyrics of a relationship that is no more...yet Emrah makes it work.

I'm excited to have been introduced to Emrah's music and of course had to share him with you! However, I'm not sure at this time, where you can get this debut release. Gimme some time to do a little detective work, and once I find out, I'll make sure to let you guys know!

Meanwhile, you can check him out and all the songs at www.myspace.com/emrahkento. *Check out the acoustic version of "Lost Chance" on the music player!


A WORD FROM... Martin Brummeler of Mass Solo Revolt

Exciting news! Guess who's playing at the legendary 40 Watt Club in Athens tomorrow night? I'll let my friend and musician, Martin Brummeler of Mass Solo Revolt fill you in...

In the era where band members are spread out over the country... a new combination emerges:

Brummeler, a guitar, and amazing versions of songs from
Easy Mark, Bend In Time, and the new (in the midst of being made) record!

I promise this show will be unique, intense, and especially for you.

Please consider coming out on a Tuesday night and supporting both me, and some really good bands from out of town. It'll be fun, and who knows if I will ever do this sort of thing again?

Yeah, so come cheer, heckle, throw shit...

July 13, 2010
Doors open at 9 PM
$6 (21+) $8 (18-20)

MIXIN' IT UP: Dave's Mix for AMWOS

I remember the days before CDs were even around, making mixtapes in my bedroom. Waiting for my favorite songs to come on the radio, and trying to record them on cassettes as seamlessly as I could (not an easy task using the tape recorder feature of a boombox). Timing had to be just right, when you hit the REC button. Once in awhile, I'd plug in a mic, and record my own intros to each song, turning myself into a DJ of my own 'station'.

In the spirit of those great times, MIXIN' IT UP is a new category I decided to add. Sometimes, I get mixes sent to me of songs to check out. This category will feature songs from those mixes I get from a single source (friends, family, colleagues, other musicians, etc.) along with a thought or two from me about the mix. It's pretty much a review of mixes made FOR me and not BY me, that I enjoy.

This first set is inspired by an awesome mix of music I got from Dave Kraus over at Platform-One Entertainment, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Dead - Fools For Rowan
hauntingly beautiful...check out the video in this post.
In The Morning (Radio Edit) - Emrah Kento
this one gets me all teary-eyed
Slow Motion - Disaster March
ooh this one is sexy! love the beats.
Summertime - The Lost Boys
la..la..la..la.. summertime is good times!
Strung Out - The Primary
I was hooked before the vocals even started.


LISTEN: David Leinweber (The Silverbirds) - Silverbird / Silverbird II

A couple weeks ago, I was introduced to the music of singer-songwriter, David Leinweber.

Last summer, the album Silverbird was released. This year, Silverbird II, became available. Both are a collection of original songs by Leinweber. Both are filled with a genre of music I hold dear to my heart.

A HUGE part of my love for the music of singer-songwriters, comes from growing up listening to the music of Eric Clapton, James Taylor, Michael McDonald and Jim Croce. Everytime I hear their music, I recollect fond memories of my childhood and a way of life very different from the more hectic and chaotic one I lead nowadays.

Though I sometimes hear influences of the aforementioned artists in the newer sounds of folk-rock, none capture the sound that is so definitive of those days. So, to hear this recently released music that could do that for me, really brought a smile to my face.

Silverbird (2009)
Best tracks
David has played in a wide variety of venues and musical styles (folk, rock, gospel) and shared the stage with many fine musicians. His noted influences include Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Dead, Eric Clapton, Norman Blake and Doc Watson.

For over 25 years, he's also taught piano and guitar and has extensive experience as a studio musician, and arranger, in addition to his talents as a singer-songwriter. Whether it's a solo effort, or collaborating with other musicians, it's clear that there is a special quality that exists in the music he creates and/or contributes to. The lyrical storytelling, the guitar playing, and David's voice...just meld together so perfectly.

David, along with Bob McMillan, play shows around GA as the duo, The Silverbirds. I look forward to checking them out live. In fact, they have a show coming up that I am going to try to get to!

The Melting Point
Tues, July 27, 2010 - 7:00 pm
Athens, GA
Get Tickets HERE.


VIDEO: Fools For Rowan - Dead

Check out this video for "Dead" by Fools For Rowan. Love the haunting beauty of this song. So awesome!


SPECIAL: Tasty World has Left the Building

So, a few weeks ago, a great music venue closed it's doors in Athens. I just read a great article on Flagpole about it, and it made me sad to hear the news. :(

Read it here:

One of my favorite musicians, AA Bondy performed there last year, and I have awesome memories of that night. From the nervousness of introducing myself and talking to AA Bondy, to his amazing performance on stage.

I know there have been hundreds of cool musicians that have graced that venue. I wish I could've had the chance to make more memories there. It would've been awesome to experience other shows. But, I'm thankful I did get my one night there.

bye bye, Tasty World... :(


VIDEO: Band of Horses - "No One's Ever Gonna Love You "

A few years old, but this is still one of my favorite songs...EVER. Period.

LIST: 10 Songs To Listen To - 07.04.10

Click on song titles to hear samples.
Love 'em like I do? Add them to your music collection.

10 Songs To Listen To (listed in no particular order)

The Lost Boys - Summertime
Kate Earl - Only in Dreams
Joe Purdy - Wash Away
Dougie Maclean - Caledonia
Ratatat - Nostrand
Ben Folds - Time
Isaboe - Love Sun
Silverbird - Rain Keeps Falling Down
Rise Against - Swing Life Away
Asha Ali - The Time is Now