LISTEN: Emrah Kento - Culture Shock

I'm pretty much in love with your music. :) Please make more.

Love always,
Ok. So that would be my short and sweet love note to this deliciously talented artist. His debut EP, Culture Shock is only 4 songs long. But in this album, it's hard not to recognize there is talent...and plenty of it.

I love the lyrics and the easy way I get lost in the songs.

I've mentioned this track in a previous post, but "In the Morning" is just amazing! It's pretty powerful, as it evokes serious mushiness from me, and every time I listen to this song I feel the need to tell my boyfriend how much I love him!
In the morning,
in the morning.
I'm at ease, I'm adoring
waking up to you

Overall, it's a great EP. I like the range of Emrah's vocals from an edgy rock-with-a-bit-of-funk sound in "Break the Rules" to the sexy simplicity of how they accompany the guitar strumming in "Sunsets". Then there's "Lost Chance" which interestingly partners a mild pop beat with sad lyrics of a relationship that is no more...yet Emrah makes it work.

I'm excited to have been introduced to Emrah's music and of course had to share him with you! However, I'm not sure at this time, where you can get this debut release. Gimme some time to do a little detective work, and once I find out, I'll make sure to let you guys know!

Meanwhile, you can check him out and all the songs at www.myspace.com/emrahkento. *Check out the acoustic version of "Lost Chance" on the music player!

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