VIDEO: Jeff Krantz - "Wasteland" & "Last Goodbye"

Great news, all you Jeff Krantz fans! Here are some brand new video clips for your viewing and listening pleasure! First up, Jeff performing LIVE at the Bedford earlier this month. "Wasteland" from his upcoming debut album.

The Bedford | London, England
Thursday, July 10, 2008

And next, an inside peek behind the scenes of a Second Life performance. Here, Jeff sings one of my absolute favorite songs "Last Goodbye"

In Studio | NYC


VIDEO: Glen Phillips - "Political Science"

Here's the video clip of Glen Phillips performing a wonderful cover of Randy Newman's "Political Science" I shot this footage at The Melting Point in Athens, GA.

The Melting Point | Athens, Georgia
Friday, July 11, 2008

VIDEO: Glen Phillips - "True"

Here's the video clip of Glen Phillips performing "True", an awesome song and one of my favorites, from his album, Winter Pays For Summer. I shot this footage at The Melting Point in Athens, GA.

The Melting Point | Athens, Georgia
Friday, July 11, 2008

VIDEO: Glen Phillips - "Walk On the Ocean"

Here's the video clip of Glen Phillips performing "Walk On the Ocean", an old Toad the Wet Sprocket favorite. I shot this footage at The Melting Point in Athens, GA.

The Melting Point | Athens, Georgia
Friday, July 11, 2008


VIDEO: Antje Duvekot - "Long Way"

Here's the video clip of Antje Duvekot performing "Long Way". I shot this footage at the show in Athens, when she opened for Glen Phillips.

Unfortunately, the end gets cut off as the batteries on my digital camera ran out. Though incomplete, video still captures her incredible performance.

The Melting Point | Athens, Georgia
Friday, July 11, 2008

SHOW REVIEW: Glen Phillips

Part Two: Glen Phillips

Glen. *deep breath* Glen Phillips. *deep breath* FINALLY.

So, the background story to this event that occured last Friday night (July 11, 2008) goes like this...
I have been in love with Glen's music for 20 years and counting. Ever since the days of Toad the Wet Sprocket. I was sad after they broke up, thinking I wouldn't hear anything new from Glen. But was thankfully, wrong, when I discovered he was doing solo acts. For whatever reason, I was never able to make it to any of his shows (with Toad and/or solo). Either I was short on funds, sick, had prior commitments couldn't get out of... what have you. This year, I was determined. I was thrilled to find out he was playing in Atlanta, but when I discovered he was doing the show in Athens, I KNEW. There was NO WAY I was missing his show.
So, I am utterly ecstatic as my friend and I are on 129 headed to Athens. It was finally happening, for real! I was super excited when I entered the venue. I had never been to The Melting Point before. I really like it. It's a nice, intimate place, and we were seated at a candlelit table in the very front row. Far left, next to the steps that Glen would soon be climbing up to take the stage.

After I just finished talking to Antje Duvekot, Glen walked right past me with his guitar and smiled. He was going on stage. Oh. My. God. My legs felt like jello. Thank goodness my seat was a mere two feet away. I immediately sat down as he adjusted his guitar and began to play.

Glen's show was incredible. He played a variety of songs from his albums. Opening each with a story or comment. Sharing a bit of himself with the audience. At one point he threw his arms in the air and cried "Butterbean!", then proceeded to explain that it is something his brother told him to do when in Georgia. Ha ha ha. There were even a few political comments, which didn't bother me (seeing as I agreed with him). Whatever.

Listening to him, I laughed. I smiled. It was awesome.

He played a couple songs from Toad days, including two popular favorites "Walk On The Ocean" and "All I Want". The latter of the two was done "sing-a-long" where he'd stop and let us sing the chorus. That was so fun! I would've gotten some video of it, but I was too engaged in singing and clapping while wearing a cheezy big grin on my face. Oh, and "Crowing" was pretty awesome too.

He also did a couple covers. A Paul Simon one, Huey Lewis' "I Want A New Drug" which was the most sexiest version I have EVER heard of that song (I mean...Damn! Whew!), and Randy Newman's "Political Science". I've got video of the Newman song and will be posting that along with a few others I was able to get as well.

Naturally, most of his performance consisted of songs from his solo albums. I loved "Thank You" and "Train Wreck" and... well... HECK... I loved it all!

Glen performed songs from a new EP he has out called Secrets of the New Explorers. Go buy it. It's fantastic. My favorite song on it is track #2, called "Solar Flare".

Anyways, after Glen's amazing performance, and encore, I gathered up my nerves and approached him by the bar. He smiled and had to go put his guitar up, but promised to come back and speak with me. Which he did.

First, I told him how nervous I was... ha ha ha. Then, how much I love his music. How I've tried to catch a show for many years, and was so thrilled to see him perform that night... Let alone, have the opportunity to meet him. I wrote a little note on the back of my contact card, with this blog address and gave it to him. That way he could read on here everything I wished I could tell him but was finding myself difficult to express. He was so down-to-earth, and thanked me for my appreciation and support of his music. Glen kindly signed my cd and even took a couple photos with me. I even got a hug before I walked away. I'm amazed I didn't pass out. Ha ha ha.

My hands were shaking a bit, on the way to the car. Thank God I wasn't going to be the one driving. *sigh* When I got home, I looked at my cd, and saw that he'd written "Jen - Hello, at last." In reference to FINALLY getting to see him.

Yes, Glen. Hello, at last... indeed.

More pics and video to come soon...


SHOW REVIEW: Antje Duvekot

Part One: Antje Duvekot (Opening for Glen Phillips)

I'm rather surprised that I never heard of this lovely performer, prior to her opening act for Glen Phillips. Antje Duvekot is an extroardinary musician. Her music has charm and depth, which seem to reflect her personality. That's a lot to say for someone whose talent I've only just experienced for the first time. Throughout the show, she engaged the audience into her world by sharing anecdotes and little stories behind her songs. I was captivated after the first song.

After her performance, I picked up her cd "Snapshots" which contained most of the songs from her show that I fell in love with. Including, "Dandelion", "Pearls" and "Merry-Go-Round". My favorite song is "Long Way" which I had to purchase online, because it wasn't available on that particular cd. I did get some video of her performing that song. Sadly my batteries died before she finished. But, I got most of it and will post it as soon as I can.

Because The Melting Point was an intimate venue, I was fortunate to be able to meet Antje and tell her how beautiful I found her music to be. She was just as charming offstage as on. I even spoke a little bit of German with her! Sie ist sehr nett und freundlich. How cool! :-)

I am definitely looking forward to discovering more of her music and writing about it here on this blog.


Ecstatic! Finally Seeing Glen!

FINALLY! After so many times of failed attempts, I'm gonna get to see one of my favorite singer-songwriters, GLEN PHILLIPS! Woo hoo!

Ben's on his way over now, so we can drive to Athens and catch his show at The Melting Point. I called earlier and they said it's OK to bring cameras. Oh my God. I would die if I got to meet him. What would I say? LOL. I'm excited to be able to get some pics of him performing, but hell.. I'm just ECSTATIC that I'm going to see him perform! FINALLY!


More blogging later, after the show.

Gotta finish getting ready to go!!!!


TUNE IN: Jeff Krantz Live At The Bedford! Tonight!

Couldn't make it overseas to catch any of Jeff's European Tour? No worries!
Here's some super exciting news for us that are here
on the other side of the pond.

JEFF KRANTZ is playing LIVE At The Bedford in London!
He's performing in an amazing singer-songwriter showcase!

You can view the show online! Check out links below!


That's tonight!

July 10, 2008
4-6 pm EST

Don’t miss it!



Happy Smashing Pumpkins Day!

Awesome article on the background behind it. See link from the official website, below:



"Today is the greatest...day I've ever known..."


LIST: My Top 5 Favorite Musicians EVER

The list of my top 5 Musicians EVER. They are brilliant, talented, creative geniuses in their music, lyrics, songwriting, performances, etc. Their music changed my life. Check them out and let them change yours.

In alphabetical order:

AA Bondy - www.myspace.com/aabondy
Billy Corgan - www.smashingpumpkins.com
Emerson Hart - www.emersonhart.com
Glen Phillips - www.glenphillips.com
Jeff Krantz - www.jeffkrantzmusic.com


MARK IT: Glen Phillips - Mini Tour in the South


OOH! I just found out that one of my favorite singer/songwriters EVER is playing a handful of shows in the south, including 2 here in Georgia! See dates below!

Glen Phillips - formerly of Toad the Wet Sprocket

7/8 Isle Of Palms, SC - The Windjammer
7/9 Ashville, NC - The Grey Eagle
7/10 Nashville, TN - Belcourt Theater
7/11 Athens, GA - The Melting Point
7/12 Charlotte, NC - Evening Muse
7/13 Atlanta, GA - Unplugged in the Park

I've been trying for years to make it to one of his shows, and I WILL make it happen this time!