SHOW REVIEW: Antje Duvekot

Part One: Antje Duvekot (Opening for Glen Phillips)

I'm rather surprised that I never heard of this lovely performer, prior to her opening act for Glen Phillips. Antje Duvekot is an extroardinary musician. Her music has charm and depth, which seem to reflect her personality. That's a lot to say for someone whose talent I've only just experienced for the first time. Throughout the show, she engaged the audience into her world by sharing anecdotes and little stories behind her songs. I was captivated after the first song.

After her performance, I picked up her cd "Snapshots" which contained most of the songs from her show that I fell in love with. Including, "Dandelion", "Pearls" and "Merry-Go-Round". My favorite song is "Long Way" which I had to purchase online, because it wasn't available on that particular cd. I did get some video of her performing that song. Sadly my batteries died before she finished. But, I got most of it and will post it as soon as I can.

Because The Melting Point was an intimate venue, I was fortunate to be able to meet Antje and tell her how beautiful I found her music to be. She was just as charming offstage as on. I even spoke a little bit of German with her! Sie ist sehr nett und freundlich. How cool! :-)

I am definitely looking forward to discovering more of her music and writing about it here on this blog.

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