DISCOVER: Ingram Hill

Photo by Kristin Barlowe

Ingram Hill has an upcoming album Look Your Best, coming out next month! I've had the fortunate opportunity to preview this album, and I am really enjoying it! I think that you will too. So make sure to mark your calendars for it's release!

Their first single, "As Long As I'm With You" is what first caught my attention. It has a great message, and I find it especially helpful on those days that just don't seem to go right. I am fortunate to have amazing people in my life I can count on. This song reminds me of them, and that just makes me love it even more.

Here, have a listen...

"Wish You'd Stay" is another slow song I enjoy from this album. It's a simply beautiful ballad, and it's easy to get lost in. But...these guys can also rock out!

I love the energy of "Ready for the Sun". It's definitely one of the songs I would LOVE to experience them playing in a LIVE performance. Speaking of which, they've got a couple shows in GA! Yeah! I've got to make it to one of them! (ATL - 09/10 or Athens - 09/22!) But you don't have to live in GA to discover their music or even catch a show!
Lucky for you...Ingram Hill is currently on tour to promote the release of Look Your Best which comes out on September 28, 2010, via Rock Ridge Music.

9/2 - Baton Rouge, LA / The Varsity Theatre (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/4 - Nashville, TN / Exit/In (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/8 - Gainesville, FL / Common Grounds (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/9 - West Columbia, SC / New Brookland Tavern (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/10 - Atlanta, GA / Peachtree Tavern
9/11 - Isle of Palms, SC / The Windjammer
9/13 - Lexington, KY / Cosmic Charlie's (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/15 - Fayetteville, AR / George's Majestic Lounge (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/16 - Oxford, MS / Proud Larry's (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/17 - Starkville, MS / Rick's Café (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/22 - Athens, GA / Melting Point (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/24 - Auburn, AL / Bourbon Street (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)
9/25 - Jackson, MS / Hal & Mal's Red Room
9/30 - Hattiesburg, MS / Mug Shots
10/15 - Birmingham, AL / Zydeco
10/16 - Natchez, MS / Great Mississippi River Balloon Race
10/28 - Tuscaloosa, AL / The Dixie (SEC tour w/Benjy Davis Project)

Ingram Hill is: Justin Moore (lead vocals, guitar), Phil Bogard (guitar), Zach Kirk (bass)

RELEASE: Jason Poe - Now Is The Winter

"Now Is The Winter"

Release Date: September 21, 2010


VIDEO: MONO - Slimcea Girl / Silicone / Life In Mono

I remember listening to the album, Formica Blues by Mono, ALL the time when it first came out. I was a college student focusing on graphic design/multimedia, and the music inspired my creativity. Well, I still love listening to this album, and it still inspires creativity. Shame that the band broke up only a few years later. man, that was already ten years ago. At least I could still find some of their videos online, and you can still get this album on iTunes HERE.

"Slimcea Girl"


And of course, the first single that started it all...
"Life in Mono" - From the original soundtrack of Great Expectations (1998)

LISTEN: The Famous - Come Home to Me

Laurence Scott's vocals are incredible. I find his voice reminiscent of Johnny Cash, whose music was pretty much my introduction to this style of classic rock 'n' roll music. But The Famous are not some kind of Johnny Cash cover band. Oh, heavens, no! Their album is proof of that. A collection of 11 original, delicious songs that will leave you wanting more after your first taste of it.

When I first heard this title track "Come Home to Me", I was left with a one word reaction. Damn! Who are these guys? The song is sad, dramatic and heavy but also filled with some damn sexy swagger. Charlie Wilson's special guest appearance on trombone...whew! Hot! It became an instant favorite, and I knew I had to listen to the whole album.

Come Home To Me (2010) leaves me feeling like I'm in another place. Where the music from an era before my time meets the one I exist in now. Where the raw foundations of classic rock 'n' roll are met with the modern edge of today. And in some funny way, I'm getting to experience what it's like to have lived in those times when music like this was fresh and new. These guys DO NOT mess around. The music is gorgeous... and you REALLY have to have a listen for yourself.

Best Songs
I love the storytelling, in the songs. Not only in the lyrics and vocals, but in the guitars...the bass...the drums... all of it. In fact, the last track, "Under the Stars" is an instrumental piece, and it is just beautiful...absolutely beautiful.
"Perspicacious" is an addictive song, where once it finishes, I have to listen to it again. Might as well leave it on repeat! My favorite part?
"You're so full of it! Best watch what you do! I've got my eye...on you..."
Ha ha ha. Awesome. Well these guys are definitely full of talent, energy, and stories to tell. So don't miss out on the creations of Laurence Scott, Victor Barclay, Chris Fruhauf and G.D. Hensley. They are The Famous.


VIDEO: The Kooks - Always Where I Need to Be

This song and video have been around for awhile now, but I love it just the same. And when I feel like I need some of their music....The Kooks are always where they need to be...in my music playlists. Check them out.

VIDEO: Janelle Monae - Cold War

"This is a cold war...you better know what you're fighting for..."

My friend, Brian, shared this video with me and I love it. Nothing fancy, but the music and the power of emotion in Janelle's face really makes it one worth watching. Thanks, Brian!

MARK IT: Aloha Screwdriver / Southern Culture on the Skids - 09.11.

This one's for all my Northern Cali peeps! 

So I found out the other day that my good friend, Donald Bell (also known as Chachi Jones, and part of the Command Collective) has a new band called Aloha Screwdriver. Now, those familiar with Chachi Jones...don't expect music of the ambient/electronic variety. This is old school rock 'n' roll right here. (Don't you just love musicians that explore different genres?!)

Aloha Screwdriver will be playing a show with Chapel Hill, NC's Southern Culture on the Skids in a couple weeks. If you are a big fan of rockabilly/surf music...you won't want to miss it. Or if you are a music lover who enjoys  discovering different music beyond the mainstream, and happens to be in the SF/Bay Area that weekend, then definitely go check it out.


LIST: 10 Songs to Listen To - 08.24.10 (an ALL FREE edition)

Click on song titles to GET FREE MUSIC!.
Love 'em like I do? Add them to your music collection.

10 Songs To Listen To (listed in no particular order)

Jason Poe You and Me (Acoustic)
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Dylan LeBlanc - If Time Was for Wasting
*Free w/ signup for mailing list!

Band of Horses - Factory
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White Rabbits - They Done Wrong/We Done Wrong
*Part of a free music sampler!
Ólafur Arnalds- Þú ert sólin
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Kidz In the Hall - Flickin' (Nick Catchdubs x Proper Villains Remix)
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Jenny and Johnny - Scissor Runner
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Philip Selway - By Some Miracle 

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The Famous - Come Home To Me 
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Jeff Krantz - Bright Light 
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While all the songs listed here are available for FREE, please support these artists and their amazing talents by joining their mailing lists and/or street teams, purchasing their albums, going to see them perform, and telling others about their music. Times are tough in this economy, but music can help you get through it. So help them help you, as often as you can.

RELEASE: Philip Selway - Familial

Just a few more days until the release of Philip Selway's "Familial"!


Release Date: August 30, 2010

GOODIES: Jenny and Johnny Tape Widget

Check out these cool tunes from Jenny and Johnny!


RELEASE: Val Emmich - Looking For A Feeling You Never Knew You Needed

Oh yeah! One of my favorite artists, Val Emmich has a new album coming out next month. Get ready...

"Looking For A Feeling You Never Knew You Needed"

Release Date: September 21, 2010.


VIDEO: Jason Poe - Today (SP Cover) / You and Me

Wow! What an incredibly beautiful and intimate cover of a classic (and one of my favorite) Smashing Pumpkins songs, "Today". Great job, Jason!

While his version of "Today" is absolutely beautiful, Jason's original music is just as breathaking. Check out this live performance of his song, "You and Me". So moving...

Now, go discover more at www.jasonpoemusic.com.


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It's been quite a learning experience changing the layout and making all the customizations! But it's been fun getting to be creative and learning new things.

I've also included a section of photo gallery slideshows HERE. Enjoy!!!

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LISTEN: Dylan LeBlanc - Pauper's Field

Photo by Amanda Chapman

How lucky am I to have previewed Dylan LeBlanc's upcoming album, Pauper's Field?! I was falling in love with the album when I was only halfway through! It is amazing!!! No wonder this young musician from Louisiana is quickly garnering a lot of media attention well before the album release!

The first time I came across his music and mentioned it on this blog, my initial reaction was...
"Dylan LeBlanc! How are you only 20 years old? You sound like a seasoned pro, with decades of life experiences to share..."
Well, I learned that Dylan first began playing guitar when he was only 7 years old. He began writing songs just a few years later. That explains part of why Dylan is such an astounding musician... he's been at it for years! The other part is the combination of his sheer talent and passion.

It was clear to me when I first heard "If Time Was for Wasting" that I wanted to hear more from him. Check it out here:

As I listen to the collective songs on Pauper's Field, the reasons why I want more, are obvious.

It's a masterful blend of melodic guitar, coupled with his original storytelling lyrics and a voice that cuts to the chase and touches something inside you. There's a sense of intimacy when you get lost in the beauty of these songs. This album is penetrating. It will move you.

I don't even know how I can choose 3 best tracks on here. It's ALL incredible and I can't get enough of it. So, this will have to be my FIRST album review without a top tracks listing. Yeah...it's that good!

The album releases in just 3 days, but you can go HERE... preview of all twelve songs... and then GET THIS ALBUM!

GOODIES: Jason Poe - Square One (a 2 song EP)

Jason Poe has a 2-song EP you must listen to! It's called Square One and features the songs, "Looking For You" and "A Better End".

Love what you're hearing? Visit www.jasonpoemusic.com for even more! There is a player for you to check out 3 more of Jason's songs from the Bonus EP, which you can also pre-order in different combo packages.


LISTEN: The Lost Boys - Look Out World

The Lost Boys are a rock band made up of five teenage guys from Lake County, CA. (Throw your hands up! I'm a Northern Cali girl myself!) That's just a few hours away from my hometown, and I gotta say, it's nice to see the talent that's coming out of there.

The guitar riffs are catchy, the rhythm gets you grooving, and the vocals are youthful but with a nice bit of roughness around the edge. Though much of their album, Look Out World, is full of fun and upbeat tunes, they can also turn out a good ballad.

Check it out here on my favorite track "Cloud 9"

Best Tracks
It's been awhile since my high school days, so I can't say that all of the songs are relatable to me NOW. Still, there's just the right energy in songs like "Summertime" and "I'm Not Popular" to make me feel as though I'm that age all over again...and not in a 'flashback' kind of way. The album is definitely recommended for all ages to take a listen to.

The guys may be barely old enough to drive or not quite old enough to vote... but DON'T let their age fool you. Beau, Jordan, Matt, Thomas & Jacob have already shared the stage as special guests of such bands as Gin Blossoms and All-American Rejects. I think their album title definitely sums up their message up nicely... Look Out World.

So...get ready, 'cause here they come!


VIDEO: Lily Sparks - Stars

Strong, creative women who can totally rock out = AWESOME! I love this!

For more of Lily Sparks, check out www.lilysparks.com!


I DIG: Dylan LeBlanc

Photo by Amanda Chapman

Dylan LeBlanc! How are you only 20 years old? You sound like a seasoned pro, with decades of life experiences to share...and that's just what I got from coming across this video!

Recently featured on Rolling Stone magazine's HotList, and a debut album called "Pauper's Field" that releases on Aug. 24, this is one musician to start listening to!

Photo by Amanda Chapman

Go get your free MP3 of "If Time Was For Wasting" on his website now!


VIDEO: Olafur Arnalds - 3055

Olafur Arnalds always has the most beautiful videos to accompany his most beautiful music. *sigh*


VIDEO: The Famous - Come Home To Me

Check out the video for this awesome song I just discovered. LOVE it!