MARK IT: Aloha Screwdriver / Southern Culture on the Skids - 09.11.

This one's for all my Northern Cali peeps! 

So I found out the other day that my good friend, Donald Bell (also known as Chachi Jones, and part of the Command Collective) has a new band called Aloha Screwdriver. Now, those familiar with Chachi Jones...don't expect music of the ambient/electronic variety. This is old school rock 'n' roll right here. (Don't you just love musicians that explore different genres?!)

Aloha Screwdriver will be playing a show with Chapel Hill, NC's Southern Culture on the Skids in a couple weeks. If you are a big fan of rockabilly/surf music...you won't want to miss it. Or if you are a music lover who enjoys  discovering different music beyond the mainstream, and happens to be in the SF/Bay Area that weekend, then definitely go check it out.

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