LISTEN: Kira Fontana - The Inner Revolution

Kira Fontana - The Inner Revolution

I've been listening to this album for awhile now, and have to admit there are times, when it is a bit difficult for me to do so. Not because it isn't any good. On the contrary, it's rather good. Very good really.

What makes it difficult, is what I sometimes feel when I'm listening. The Inner Revolution is an appropriate name for this album. For when it's playing, I am placed in a mindset of self reflection and inner discovery.

As a great lover of music, it's not uncommon for particular songs to do this to me. What's not so common is finding all those songs collectively on the same album.

Here, there are tracks that are painful for me to listen to, because they draw out feelings I would rather be put away.
Clouds shift
and day breaks my heart anew
over and over I pray you'll find your way to me
'cause there are times I still feel
your head right here next to me... - Still
However, there are other songs, that I find encouraging and give me a sense of inner strength.
Don't let the weight of the world knock you down again... - Home
Midnight's here and I'm on my own still it feels so new 'cause I left the life I've always known to be here now tonight with you - Love

Kira has an amazing gift in her sweet voice, and original music. She wrote and arranged all of the songs on this album. That personalization is there. Though I've never met Kira, I find it safe to say she's sharing a very real and honest part of herself in this album. She isn't writing lyrics that just 'sound good' and has pretty music with 'mass appeal'. She is more than sharing her own discoveries with the listener... thus encouraging the listener to discover as well.

The beauty of this album is that Kira's inner revolution may start one in you too. It did for me anyways...


SPECIAL: Extra Wattage for A Million Watts of Sound

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I love music. All kinds of music. A Million Watts of Sound comes from that love for music and the talented artists that create and share their incredible goods. As a fellow creative, when I am passionate about a particular band, solo artist, or song, its a natural feeling for me to want to tell everyone I know about it. It's the original concept of this site, and what I will strive for this place to maintain.

I want to be able to help promote these musicians any way that I can, and with this site really starting to take a life of it's own, spinoffs were inevitable.

The majority of my music related writings, photographs, etc. will still be here on this site. But in addition to feeds from here, both the Facebook and MySpace accounts will also feature some items exclusive to their respective sites.

The social networking sites will be a great way to share my love for music, as well as be able to interact more with all of you artists and music lovers alike.

You can still email me directly at jdrafanan.blogs@gmail.com with suggestions on artists or shows to check out. Also, feel free to post comments to the blog entries as well. But if you have Facebook, MySpace or both, I hope you enjoy the other sites as much as this one!


(UNOFFICIAL) SHOW REVIEW: Mass Solo Revolt at Go Bar

Jim Frye, smiling after playing an incredible set.

Marty and Russ, tearing down equipment.

Me with Derek, less than an hour before he officially turned 23!

First of all, it's been awhile since I've posted much here. I apologize for that! Thanks for still coming back and reading, and for those of you who are new, welcome!

I know I've still got my album reviews that I'm rewriting/editing after losing the originals in a computer crash. I promise they are coming soon.

I really wasn't planning to write a music review on this show. Heck, as you can tell from above... I got a few photos, but not any of the performance. Just hangin' out shots really. After all, I was just there to enjoy the overall experience as a fan of the music. Not as a writer of this blog.

So, I guess this can be an officially 'unofficial' show review. :-) Because it's really hard not to share and write about how great a time I had Saturday night. What can I say? It was Mass Solo Revolt playing at Go Bar!

Once again, Jim, Marty, Russ and Derek delivered one hell of a show.

Let me set the mood...

The performance was in a cozy and intimate setting. Everyone crowded around to get a view of the band. Dim yet ambient lighting set an almost magical mood for what was to come. The room was filled with this raw energy I can't begin to describe. And when the first note was played, that magic kicked right in.

Now, it had been over a month since that last show at Farm 255, where these new songs debuted. Like many others there I'm sure, I was anxious to hear the songs again! The guys have been working hard on all this new material, and it clearly showed.

The songs were even better this time around!
(In fact, I would say that my only disappointment came when the set had ended. I wanted to hear more!)

The songs still have their edge, but I did notice some refinement between this performance and the last one. Particularly in one called Said;" because that is currently my favorite of all the new tracks.

I love the variance in their music. How it can seamlessly go from a slow, mesmerizing sound, to in-your-face energetic rock. With eyes closed, there were moments I was in an almost trance like state. Slightly swaying while I allowed the music to get inside me. While at other times, the music stirred like crazy in me and with eyes wide open, I rocked out in the little space I had.

I certainly was not the only one having this experience. There were definitely others in the crowd having just as great a time!

One of the things I've always loved about Mass Solo Revolt is their stage presence. Like the other shows I'd been to, the four of them filled the room with their awesome talent, spirit and vigor. It was like they had so much to say with this creativeness inside them, that even though their music was already so expressive, it still had to go further beyond.

During the last song, Marty stepped out from behind the keyboards, playing his guitar as he made a more intimate connection with the crowd. Derek was writhing on the floor, playing as if in order to live, he had to exert from himself that which also sustained him.

Seriously! If you were there you would know what I'm talking about. If you weren't, you are truly missing out! Man, I can only imagine what the next show is going to be like! Thankfully, I don't have to wait another month for that one. And neither do you! It's happening at The Caledonia Lounge on Tues. Dec. 2.

See you there!



Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have lost some of my digital files for 3 album reviews and a new band to check out. I am in the midst of rewriting/editing the files and will post them up here as soon as possible.

Thanks for the patience!