LISTEN: Kira Fontana - The Inner Revolution

Kira Fontana - The Inner Revolution

I've been listening to this album for awhile now, and have to admit there are times, when it is a bit difficult for me to do so. Not because it isn't any good. On the contrary, it's rather good. Very good really.

What makes it difficult, is what I sometimes feel when I'm listening. The Inner Revolution is an appropriate name for this album. For when it's playing, I am placed in a mindset of self reflection and inner discovery.

As a great lover of music, it's not uncommon for particular songs to do this to me. What's not so common is finding all those songs collectively on the same album.

Here, there are tracks that are painful for me to listen to, because they draw out feelings I would rather be put away.
Clouds shift
and day breaks my heart anew
over and over I pray you'll find your way to me
'cause there are times I still feel
your head right here next to me... - Still
However, there are other songs, that I find encouraging and give me a sense of inner strength.
Don't let the weight of the world knock you down again... - Home
Midnight's here and I'm on my own still it feels so new 'cause I left the life I've always known to be here now tonight with you - Love

Kira has an amazing gift in her sweet voice, and original music. She wrote and arranged all of the songs on this album. That personalization is there. Though I've never met Kira, I find it safe to say she's sharing a very real and honest part of herself in this album. She isn't writing lyrics that just 'sound good' and has pretty music with 'mass appeal'. She is more than sharing her own discoveries with the listener... thus encouraging the listener to discover as well.

The beauty of this album is that Kira's inner revolution may start one in you too. It did for me anyways...

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