VIDEO: Aleksis Bilmanis - "All Those Times"

Sneak peak at a beautiful new song from Aleksis Bilmanis. Here's the video for "All Those Times" from his upcoming acoustic album. I'm so looking forward to hearing more! Enjoy!


GALLERY: Mass Solo Revolt at Farm 255 - 12.14.08

Some snapshots from the show at Farm 255. It was soooo awesome. I freakin' love these guys. Yay, MASS SOLO REVOLT!


LIST: Music Makes For Great Gifts...

With the holidays here and Christmas fast approaching, I thought I'd help out and suggest some albums that would make for great gifts. These are albums (new and old) that I really enjoy. There's music from different genres, so hopefully there's a little something for everyone. Hope you agree...

(BTW... these are in no particular order, and like everything in this blog, is my own complete endorsement.)
  1. Smashing Pumpkins - Any of their albums, I think would be a winner. I just LOVE this band. The end.

  2. Radiohead - Anything by these guys. They are brilliant.

  3. AA Bondy - American Hearts

  4. Antje Duvekot - Snapshots

  5. Augustana - Can't Love, Can't Hurt

  6. The Brilliant Mistakes - Distant Drumming

  7. Five A.M. - Raise The Sun

  8. Val Emmich - Little Daggers

  9. Matt Nathanson - Some Mad Hope

  10. O.A.R. - All Sides

  11. Emerson Hart - Cigarettes & Gasoline

  12. Adele - 19

  13. Kira Fontana - Inner Revolution

  14. The Interiors - The Interiors

  15. Mass Solo Revolt - Easy Mark

  16. Aleksis Bilmanis - World Around

  17. The Fray - How To Save A Life

  18. Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

  19. Leona Lewis - Spirit

  20. Travis - Singles

  21. The Kooks - Konk

  22. The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing

  23. Silversun Pickups - Carnavas

  24. Christian Brown - When It's Perfect

  25. Deftones - White Pony
And just because it's the holidays... My favorite Christmas album to suggest would be:

Any of the Harry Connick, Jr. Christmas albums.

Happy Holidays!


MARK IT: Western Civ / Mass Solo Revolt

Hey everyone! I'm so excited about this Sunday night!

I recently came across this cool band, Western Civ, from Chapel Hill, NC. They will also be playing at Farm 255 this weekend with my favorites, Mass Solo Revolt of Athens, GA.

I'm really looking forward to both live shows! It's gonna be awesome.

If you can make it out to the show! DO IT!!! It's THIS SUNDAY!!! December 14th!

Farm 255 / Athens, GA / Show starts at 9:00!

If you can't...

Well, you can still check out both bands at the following links:



Then check back here next week, and read all that I have to say about it!


MARK IT: 3 Artists. 3 Live Shows. 3 Locations.

Heads up everyone! Mark your calendars for some upcoming live shows!

These are some of my favorites. Three different styles of music playing in 3 different locations in the U.S.! If you are lucky to be in any of the areas, you should definitely go! And if you aren't, check out their stuff on the links provided.

Jeff Krantz: Live in Harlem, NY!
Saturday, Dec. 6, 2008
7:00 PM
The Shrine: 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Junior Blvd., Harlem

www.myspace.com/jeff krantz

Jeff will be playing a 45 minute acoustic set at the coolest venue in Harlem!

Mass Solo Revolt: Live in Athens, GA!
also playing: Western Civ
Sunday, Dec. 14, 2008
10:00 PM
Farm 255: 255 W. Washington Street, Athens


These guys will be back at Farm 255 to rock out Athens with their awesome sound! Also, it's their last show before they go into the recording studio! Don't miss it!

Lucky Diaz: Live in Los Angeles, CA!
Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2008
8:00 PM
Genghis Cohen: 740 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles


Stop by and hang at this legendary venue, while Lucky delivers an incredible set!

Footnote: It is by pure coincidence I wrote this on my lunch break at around 3 pm on the 3rd of this month. :)


LISTEN: Kira Fontana - The Inner Revolution

Kira Fontana - The Inner Revolution

I've been listening to this album for awhile now, and have to admit there are times, when it is a bit difficult for me to do so. Not because it isn't any good. On the contrary, it's rather good. Very good really.

What makes it difficult, is what I sometimes feel when I'm listening. The Inner Revolution is an appropriate name for this album. For when it's playing, I am placed in a mindset of self reflection and inner discovery.

As a great lover of music, it's not uncommon for particular songs to do this to me. What's not so common is finding all those songs collectively on the same album.

Here, there are tracks that are painful for me to listen to, because they draw out feelings I would rather be put away.
Clouds shift
and day breaks my heart anew
over and over I pray you'll find your way to me
'cause there are times I still feel
your head right here next to me... - Still
However, there are other songs, that I find encouraging and give me a sense of inner strength.
Don't let the weight of the world knock you down again... - Home
Midnight's here and I'm on my own still it feels so new 'cause I left the life I've always known to be here now tonight with you - Love

Kira has an amazing gift in her sweet voice, and original music. She wrote and arranged all of the songs on this album. That personalization is there. Though I've never met Kira, I find it safe to say she's sharing a very real and honest part of herself in this album. She isn't writing lyrics that just 'sound good' and has pretty music with 'mass appeal'. She is more than sharing her own discoveries with the listener... thus encouraging the listener to discover as well.

The beauty of this album is that Kira's inner revolution may start one in you too. It did for me anyways...


SPECIAL: Extra Wattage for A Million Watts of Sound

Breaking news! A Million Watts of Sound is turning it up another notch with some extra 'wattage'!

A Million Watts of Sound is now on MySpace and Facebook as complimentary sites to this one. Click on the links below to check them out. :-)

A Million Watts of Sound on Facebook

I love music. All kinds of music. A Million Watts of Sound comes from that love for music and the talented artists that create and share their incredible goods. As a fellow creative, when I am passionate about a particular band, solo artist, or song, its a natural feeling for me to want to tell everyone I know about it. It's the original concept of this site, and what I will strive for this place to maintain.

I want to be able to help promote these musicians any way that I can, and with this site really starting to take a life of it's own, spinoffs were inevitable.

The majority of my music related writings, photographs, etc. will still be here on this site. But in addition to feeds from here, both the Facebook and MySpace accounts will also feature some items exclusive to their respective sites.

The social networking sites will be a great way to share my love for music, as well as be able to interact more with all of you artists and music lovers alike.

You can still email me directly at jdrafanan.blogs@gmail.com with suggestions on artists or shows to check out. Also, feel free to post comments to the blog entries as well. But if you have Facebook, MySpace or both, I hope you enjoy the other sites as much as this one!


(UNOFFICIAL) SHOW REVIEW: Mass Solo Revolt at Go Bar

Jim Frye, smiling after playing an incredible set.

Marty and Russ, tearing down equipment.

Me with Derek, less than an hour before he officially turned 23!

First of all, it's been awhile since I've posted much here. I apologize for that! Thanks for still coming back and reading, and for those of you who are new, welcome!

I know I've still got my album reviews that I'm rewriting/editing after losing the originals in a computer crash. I promise they are coming soon.

I really wasn't planning to write a music review on this show. Heck, as you can tell from above... I got a few photos, but not any of the performance. Just hangin' out shots really. After all, I was just there to enjoy the overall experience as a fan of the music. Not as a writer of this blog.

So, I guess this can be an officially 'unofficial' show review. :-) Because it's really hard not to share and write about how great a time I had Saturday night. What can I say? It was Mass Solo Revolt playing at Go Bar!

Once again, Jim, Marty, Russ and Derek delivered one hell of a show.

Let me set the mood...

The performance was in a cozy and intimate setting. Everyone crowded around to get a view of the band. Dim yet ambient lighting set an almost magical mood for what was to come. The room was filled with this raw energy I can't begin to describe. And when the first note was played, that magic kicked right in.

Now, it had been over a month since that last show at Farm 255, where these new songs debuted. Like many others there I'm sure, I was anxious to hear the songs again! The guys have been working hard on all this new material, and it clearly showed.

The songs were even better this time around!
(In fact, I would say that my only disappointment came when the set had ended. I wanted to hear more!)

The songs still have their edge, but I did notice some refinement between this performance and the last one. Particularly in one called Said;" because that is currently my favorite of all the new tracks.

I love the variance in their music. How it can seamlessly go from a slow, mesmerizing sound, to in-your-face energetic rock. With eyes closed, there were moments I was in an almost trance like state. Slightly swaying while I allowed the music to get inside me. While at other times, the music stirred like crazy in me and with eyes wide open, I rocked out in the little space I had.

I certainly was not the only one having this experience. There were definitely others in the crowd having just as great a time!

One of the things I've always loved about Mass Solo Revolt is their stage presence. Like the other shows I'd been to, the four of them filled the room with their awesome talent, spirit and vigor. It was like they had so much to say with this creativeness inside them, that even though their music was already so expressive, it still had to go further beyond.

During the last song, Marty stepped out from behind the keyboards, playing his guitar as he made a more intimate connection with the crowd. Derek was writhing on the floor, playing as if in order to live, he had to exert from himself that which also sustained him.

Seriously! If you were there you would know what I'm talking about. If you weren't, you are truly missing out! Man, I can only imagine what the next show is going to be like! Thankfully, I don't have to wait another month for that one. And neither do you! It's happening at The Caledonia Lounge on Tues. Dec. 2.

See you there!



Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have lost some of my digital files for 3 album reviews and a new band to check out. I am in the midst of rewriting/editing the files and will post them up here as soon as possible.

Thanks for the patience!


MARK IT: Mass Solo Revolt - Upcoming Shows

Hey, all. The last dates I had posted for Mass Solo Revolt are no longer correct. The 10/28 show was cancelled, along with the one on 11/6. Bummer.

Great news though! There are 2 new dates in Athens, GA to catch these great guys. They are so awesome to see live. Definitely one of my favorites, and always worth the long drive (for me) to see. For their most recent show review, click HERE.

So if you're in the Athens area... or can drive out there from wherever you are, you should definitely go and rock out with Mass Solo Revolt and their newest songs!

Sat. 11/15
10 pm
Go Bar
195 Price Ave., Athens, GA
Also Playing: Odist

Tues. 12/2
10 pm
The Caledonia
256 W. Clayton St., Athens, GA
Also Playing: The Warm Fuzzies

MARK IT: Aleksis Bilmanis - Free Acoustic Show

In the Maryland/DC area and looking for a great show to catch? Here's one to go see! Aleksis Bilmanis is playing in Takoma Park, MD next week.

I love acoustic shows, and wish I could make this one myself. Maybe next time I'm up in that area, or he has a show in GA, I'll be able to go. At least I have his album, "World Around" to listen to until then! :)

Oh, and not only is this an acoustic show of a really talented musician... it's FREE! So go enjoy the show for me. And if you want... write and tell me about it!


LIST: Favorite Female Artists (Revised)

Back in August, I posted a list of my favorite female artists in no particular order. In addition to posting this list, and links to their websites, I thought I'd also note a favorite song or two by each of the artists, that I suggest you give yourself a listen to.

I have to add 2 new artists to that list, both relatively new (meaning in the past year), and both extremely talented. I highly suggest you take a listen to their music.
The original list consisted of the following:



Tired of how things are being run in this country? Want change and a leader who will make that difference? Whether we share the same views and/or back the same candidate or not, as American citizens, we ALL need to take part in making our voice heard. If you don't, then really... how can you complain about anything? This is your chance to help make a difference. If being part of change you want to see in the world isn't enough motivation...

Ponder this.


DISCOVER: The Interiors

click images to enlarge

After Sunday night, I have the pleasure of adding a new band to my listening rotation. The Interiors, played at Farm 255 in Athens, Georgia. I first heard of them because they would be sharing the stage with Mass Solo Revolt that same night. Both bands had been reviewed in the current issue (Protest 2008) of Under the Radar.

The Interiors are a trio, made up of: Chase Duncan (vocals/guitar), Collin Jordan (bass), and Brian Lubinsky (drums).

Honestly, I was initially distracted during the beginning of their set. A little busy getting my camera ready, for when Mass Solo Revolt would take the stage. That being said, it's unfair to give a complete show review. Instead, I'll just share my experience of discovering their music.

It wasn't long (by the end of the second song) before I quit fussing with camera settings and got into the music of this Chicago based band.

One song in particular stood out for me. It's called "A Crooked Line" and can be found on their self-titled album The Interiors. The intro grabbed my attention, right away. By the end of their set, I knew I'd have to get their cd, so I could get a better listen.

Fortunately for me, I not only got a copy of the cd after the show, but I got to hang out with Brian and Collin for awhile. Both really cool guys and nice to talk with.

This show was the last of the tour they were wrapping up. Chase apologized for being a bit under the weather, but didn't let that interfere with their performance. Overall I think it was a good show!

I'm excited to have learned of plans for them to come back and play in Athens next spring. I'm really looking forward to it! Don't worry... I'll write a real show review then! :) Still, I'm just happy I got the opportunity to hear their sound and discover this cool band.

I've been listening to their cd since the show, and enjoy it very much. "A Crooked Line" is definitely my favorite song. Look for an album review in the future.

Until then...

The Interiors are cool guys with much talent! I'm sure you will like what you hear! In the meantime, don't wait any longer for what I have to say about it!

Take a listen for yourself and check them out at
www.the-interiors.com or www.myspace.com/theinteriors.


SHOW REVIEW: Mass Solo Revolt - Farm 255

My first time in Athens on a Sunday night. Wow. Quiet streets, very little activity. All the times I've been, there is usually a lot of nightlife hustle and bustle. In fact, because of my previous trips, I purposefully got there a half hour early, this time, to insure a place to park!

Well, don't let that introductory description fool you. It was certainly not a quiet and mellow evening. After Chicago band, The Interiors played, Mass Solo Revolt took the stage. And they rocked it. They rocked hard.

click images to enlarge
Hangin' with MASS SOLO REVOLT: Russ, Jim, Martin, Derek
Farm 255 - Athens, GA - 10.05.08

I got the opportunity to meet and hang with the guys, both before and after the show. Y'know, they are just as cool on stage as off. I enjoyed conversing with them, and learning a bit of the band's history first hand. They let me know they appreciate my support and love for the music. That meant a lot.

Genuine guys. Genuine talent.

Not only can you hear it in the music, it shows in their performance. Mass Solo Revolt delivers raw, honest, unbridled passion when they play together. This was the first time the audience would get to hear these songs. The entire set was brand new. I knew I wouldn't be able to hear them again, until their next show. So, I did my best to commit to memory the new music and lyrics, and digest the whole experience.


Knowing I'd write about this in my blog, and because I love photography, I had every intention of getting better shots of the band than my quick snapshots I took a few months ago. This was a bit of a challenge. I got a few shots per song. But, it wasn't until near the end, that I made a more conscious effort. I mean, I had to make sure I'd have something to accompany this review! (Similar to what happened at the Rye Bar show. Read older post HERE.)

I bring up this challenge, to emphasize just how audio/visually captivating Mass Solo Revolt are. So much so, that it's really hard to not pay them the well-deserved attention on stage! Good thing I managed to find a balance between the two. *wink* I hesitated to look behind the lens, only because I didn't want to miss out on any of the live experience. Thankfully, I got a lot of photos, and still enjoyed rockin' out to the new tunes. Yay, me!

OK, back to the music... the main difference between these new songs and the ones I'd heard from the last show, was that the new stuff is a more collaborative effort of the band.

I didn't know until that night, that the songs I heard before were a bit older, and that they were written and arranged by, Martin Brummeler (vocals, guitar, keys) only. He and Jim Frye (bass) are old friends and had been playing for years. But Russ Sherman (drums),who brought
in Derek Burdette (guitar), were relatively new to the lineup. So, having that insight, I had a deeper appreciation for the music I was getting to experience that night.

In the songs, there are slow melodies that pull you in. Mesmerizing rhythms of slow drum beats, complemented by guitars, keyboards and bass... then...BOOM!

You get smacked in the face with some rockin' more agressive sound and Martin's vocals tearing into the mic. So yeah... don't get too comfortable.

Man, that's what I love about their music. It seeps into your brain, settles a bit into your sensors, and then remain there. You get addicted, and you want more.

October 28.
Next show.
Don't miss it.

Click HERE for more photos of the guys.

GALLERY: Mass Solo Revolt @ Farm 255 - 10.05.08

click images to enlarge
MASS SOLO REVOLT: Derek, Russ, Jim, Martin
Farm 255 - Athens, GA - 10.05.08

The show at Farm 255 was awesome, of course. How could it not have been? I'm still going through all the images I shot, so I can post them here to go along with my review of the evening. Promise to have something up within the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, enjoy a few of these photos from the show.

Martin Brummeler

Jim Frye

Derek Burdette

Russ Sherman

Mass Solo Revolt

Click HERE for more photos on flickr.


MARK IT: Mass Solo Revolt

Mass Solo Revolt | Rye Bar | Athfest 2008

From Original Blog Date: 08.11.2008
I saw them during Athfest, and they kick some royal ass! October can't get here sooner. Rock on!


Mass Solo Revolt has THREE, that's right THREE upcoming shows in Athens.
The first of which is THIS WEEKEND!

Mass Solo Revolt w/ The Interiors
9 pm
farm 255
255 W. Washington St. Athens, GA

AND... as if that isn't already awesome news... It's the first show they've done in almost 3 months! (I think that last one might've been the Rye Bar show I caught them at during Athfest '08).

AND...ALL NEW SONGS. Seriously?! I can't wait. :)

AND... I just saw in a myspace bulletin that this show is FREE!

I've got a few days, to make sure I find gas at a dang station, so I can be there. This shortage is a pain! Oh well, though I'm not fortunate to live in Athens, I'm within an hour's drive. Mass Solo Revolt are definitely worth going out there to see. If you already live in Athens, then there's no excuse to miss their shows!

Anyways... I plan on being there this Sunday. Will you?

Other upcoming dates:

Mass Solo Revolt w/ The Warm Fuzzies
10 pm
312 E. Broad St. Athens, GA
Cover: $5

Mass Solo Revolt w/ Odist
10 pm
The Caledonia Lounge
256 W. Clayton St. Athens, GA
Cover: $6


MARK IT: Smashing Pumpkins 20th Anniversary Tour Dates

Mark those calendars! Smashing Pumpkins are back on tour!

Wow. They're starting in one of my favorite venues on the West Coast. Damn, I wish I were back in Northern California! NOTHING in Georgia or even nearby, huh? OK. Well, at least there's the upcoming Gish tour. I really wanted to go to one of these Anniversary Tour Dates though. *sigh*

Well, you lucky ones (especially in CA, DC, NY, MA, & MO where you have multiple dates). Here are the current tour dates for Smashing Pumpkins. Rock out hard for me and those that won't be able to make one of the shows. I know you will.

I still love you, Billy Corgan!

Smashing Pumpkins rock!
Congratulations on 20 years!
Here's to more to come!

October 26, 2008 - Shoreline Amphitheatre
Mountain View, CA

November 01, 2008 - Playhouse Square Center - Palace Theater
Cleveland, OH

November 03, 2008 - Massey Hall
Toronto, Ontario

November 04, 2008 - Massey Hall
Toronto, Ontario

November 06, 2008 - United Palace Theatre
New York, NY

November 07, 2008 - United Palace Theatre
New York, NY

November 08, 2008 - Borgata Resort Spa and Casino Event Center
Atlantic City, NJ

November 11, 2008 - DAR Constitution Hall
Washington DC, Washingon DC

November 12, 2008 - DAR Constitution Hall
Washington DC, Washington DC

November 14, 2008 - Citi Wang Theatre
Boston, MA

November 15, 2008 - Citi Wang Theatre
Boston, MA

November 16, 2008 - Mohegan Sun Arena
Uncasville, CT

November 18, 2008 - Chicago Theatre
Chicago, IL

November 19, 2008 - Chicago Theatre
Chicago, IL

November 21, 2008 - Auditorium Theatre
Chicago, IL

November 22, 2008 - Auditorium Theatre
Chicago, IL

November 24, 2008 - Midland Theater
Kansas City, MO

November 25, 2008 - Midland Theater
Kansas City, MO

November 26, 2008 - Fox Theatre
St. Louis, MO

November 29, 2008 - Pearl
Las Vegas, NV

November 30, 2008 - IMAC Arena
San Diego, CA

December 02, 2008 - Gibson Amphitheatre
Universal City, CA

December 03, 2008 - Gibson Amphitheatre
Universal City, CA


MARK IT: Aleksis Bilmanis Solo Acoustic Show in Delaware

OK totally short notice, but better now than never. :) If you are in the area tomorrow night...go catch this show. I just got his album "World Around" and have been enjoying it quite a bit. Look for more blog entries about this talented musician soon! If you can't see his show in Delaware, pop on over to iTunes (click HERE) and get his album or visit www.aleksisbilmanis.com for more information. Have a great weekend, everyone!


MARK IT: Jeff Krantz is Live at The Mint!

click image for larger view
For all you peeps in the Los Angeles area, Jeff Krantz is coming back to his hometown to play a show at The Mint! Don't miss a chance to catch his amazing talent in action.

The Mint

Los Angeles, CA
October 7, 2008
9:00 pm
$8 cover




SPECIAL: A Million Wats of Sound is a Featured Blog!

Sweet! A Million Watts of Sound is the featured blog in the September 10 issue of the Ariel Publicity Newsletter.

Thanks, Ariel!

click image for larger view
Ariel Publicity

click image for larger view

A WORD FROM... Jeff Krantz

And now a word from another good friend and talented musician, Jeff Krantz.
Hello Hello,

I want to let you know that I am coming to Cali on tour in October..
Would be awesome if you are around:
Oct 2- San Fran (TBC)
Oct 6th- San Diego
Oct 7th - Los Angeles (The Mint 9PM)

Lemme know if you can come:)
Much love,

How lucky am I to know such a talented musician? Find out for yourself. Check out one or as many of Jeff's shows as you can!

**NOTE - Tour is still being developed as I write, so if you want Jeff to come to your town, shoot him a message at jeffkrantzmusic@gmail.com or to me at jdrafanan.blogs@gmail.com and I’ll pass the info along.


A WORD FROM... Lucky Diaz

And now a word from my good friend and talented musician, Lucky Diaz.
Hi all,

Room 5 has offered me a residency on Sunday nights! My slot is at 8:00 starting this Sunday.
So if you or your friends are twiddling your thumbs with nothing to do come on by. As always I appreciate your support.
The Hitchcock Soundtracks (formerly "The Wonder Twin Powers") also have a show coming up 10/17 @ 10PM which is a friday so catch the whole band then!
We're working on our first EP so look for it soon.

Please pass this along to anyone you think may be interested. I hope you and your families are doing great!

Thanks all!

The Residency Begins...
Experience it.



Hey all! New band to check out! From Northern California (Hey! Northern Cali girl here! Woo!) they are called Five A.M.

I have been listening to their newest album, Raise The Sun. That is some seriously good stuff! My favorite tracks are "Be Still" and "Fall Apart", although I enjoy the whole album overall. The lyrics are insightful and some songs seem to have a bit of a spiritual tone without being religiously overzealous. Which, I dig completely. I love songs that connect with me that way. This album has plenty of that.

I love the raspiness (is that a word?) of Trent Yaconelli's voice. The message he delivers is conveyed with raw passion.
The music is edgy and fervent, yet with soulful moments. A definite must listen to album!

Band members are:
  • Trent Yaconelli : Lead Vocals and Guitar
  • Zach Hammer : Lead Guitar and Vocals
  • Jason McGrath : Bass
  • Jed Friesen : Drums
  • Benjie Kushins : Piano, Keys and Percussion
They are touring with Sister Hazel. All you lucky Californians... go see what date/location is nearest you! Meanwhile, I have to wait 'til they come out to Georgia! For more info about the band and the tour...

Have a listen to this emerging and talented band. Their stuff is available on iTunes: Click HERE to check it out. I've already put the tunes into heavy rotation on my iPod!


MARK IT: Lucky Diaz at Room 5

Friday, September 5, 2008
8:40pm - 9:10pm
Room 5
143 N. La Brea Ave
Hollywood, CA




A great friend of mine and an extroardinarily talented musician. Lucky Diaz is performing a solo show this Friday night! If you are in the Los Angeles area (or even if not!) don't miss the opportunity to check out Lucky's magic... uh, music... Same difference. :)


LIST: Favorite Female Artists

I write a lot about my favorite bands and singers, who tend to mostly be male. So, in recognition of the women that inspire me, here is the list of my absolute favorite female singer-songwriters (in no particular order)
Check them out!


SPECIAL: In Memory of LeRoi Moore

LEROI MOORE 1961-2008

What a tragic loss to music, and the world. LeRoi Moore of Dave Matthews Band passed away yesterday. DMB is one of my favorites, and though it's been almost 5 years since the last show I attended, I've been fortunate enough to have experienced 7 live shows in various venues. LeRoi Moore's talents on the saxophone were magical and passion filled. He contributed greatly to the distinct sound that is DMB. He will be truly missed.
We are deeply saddened that LeRoi Moore, saxophonist and founding member of Dave Matthews Band, died unexpectedly Tuesday afternoon, August 19, 2008, at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles from sudden complications stemming from his June ATV accident on his farm near Charlottesville, Virginia. LeRoi had recently returned to his Los Angeles home to begin an intensive physical rehabilitation program.



LIST: 8 Reasons to Discover Jeff Krantz' music

Jeff Krantz - Live at The Bedford
London - July 2008

1. The man can write!
As Cat Stevens’ has said “Jeff’s lyrics are meaningful and clear”.

2. The man can play!
His fingers play that guitar with a touch of magic.

3. The man can sing!
Are you kidding? That velvety voice? Enough said.

4 - 8. can be found at http://www. myspace. com/jeffkrantz
They are:
* Alone
* Wasteland
* Phases
* Your Ways
* Last Goodbye
So go check him out already!

Jeff on last. fm

Jeff’s Music Profile

Jeff Krantz Music Group

Jeff on myspace

Official Website

I heart Jeff Krantz!


VIDEO: Jeff Krantz - "Wasteland" & "Last Goodbye"

Great news, all you Jeff Krantz fans! Here are some brand new video clips for your viewing and listening pleasure! First up, Jeff performing LIVE at the Bedford earlier this month. "Wasteland" from his upcoming debut album.

The Bedford | London, England
Thursday, July 10, 2008

And next, an inside peek behind the scenes of a Second Life performance. Here, Jeff sings one of my absolute favorite songs "Last Goodbye"

In Studio | NYC


VIDEO: Glen Phillips - "Political Science"

Here's the video clip of Glen Phillips performing a wonderful cover of Randy Newman's "Political Science" I shot this footage at The Melting Point in Athens, GA.

The Melting Point | Athens, Georgia
Friday, July 11, 2008

VIDEO: Glen Phillips - "True"

Here's the video clip of Glen Phillips performing "True", an awesome song and one of my favorites, from his album, Winter Pays For Summer. I shot this footage at The Melting Point in Athens, GA.

The Melting Point | Athens, Georgia
Friday, July 11, 2008

VIDEO: Glen Phillips - "Walk On the Ocean"

Here's the video clip of Glen Phillips performing "Walk On the Ocean", an old Toad the Wet Sprocket favorite. I shot this footage at The Melting Point in Athens, GA.

The Melting Point | Athens, Georgia
Friday, July 11, 2008


VIDEO: Antje Duvekot - "Long Way"

Here's the video clip of Antje Duvekot performing "Long Way". I shot this footage at the show in Athens, when she opened for Glen Phillips.

Unfortunately, the end gets cut off as the batteries on my digital camera ran out. Though incomplete, video still captures her incredible performance.

The Melting Point | Athens, Georgia
Friday, July 11, 2008

SHOW REVIEW: Glen Phillips

Part Two: Glen Phillips

Glen. *deep breath* Glen Phillips. *deep breath* FINALLY.

So, the background story to this event that occured last Friday night (July 11, 2008) goes like this...
I have been in love with Glen's music for 20 years and counting. Ever since the days of Toad the Wet Sprocket. I was sad after they broke up, thinking I wouldn't hear anything new from Glen. But was thankfully, wrong, when I discovered he was doing solo acts. For whatever reason, I was never able to make it to any of his shows (with Toad and/or solo). Either I was short on funds, sick, had prior commitments couldn't get out of... what have you. This year, I was determined. I was thrilled to find out he was playing in Atlanta, but when I discovered he was doing the show in Athens, I KNEW. There was NO WAY I was missing his show.
So, I am utterly ecstatic as my friend and I are on 129 headed to Athens. It was finally happening, for real! I was super excited when I entered the venue. I had never been to The Melting Point before. I really like it. It's a nice, intimate place, and we were seated at a candlelit table in the very front row. Far left, next to the steps that Glen would soon be climbing up to take the stage.

After I just finished talking to Antje Duvekot, Glen walked right past me with his guitar and smiled. He was going on stage. Oh. My. God. My legs felt like jello. Thank goodness my seat was a mere two feet away. I immediately sat down as he adjusted his guitar and began to play.

Glen's show was incredible. He played a variety of songs from his albums. Opening each with a story or comment. Sharing a bit of himself with the audience. At one point he threw his arms in the air and cried "Butterbean!", then proceeded to explain that it is something his brother told him to do when in Georgia. Ha ha ha. There were even a few political comments, which didn't bother me (seeing as I agreed with him). Whatever.

Listening to him, I laughed. I smiled. It was awesome.

He played a couple songs from Toad days, including two popular favorites "Walk On The Ocean" and "All I Want". The latter of the two was done "sing-a-long" where he'd stop and let us sing the chorus. That was so fun! I would've gotten some video of it, but I was too engaged in singing and clapping while wearing a cheezy big grin on my face. Oh, and "Crowing" was pretty awesome too.

He also did a couple covers. A Paul Simon one, Huey Lewis' "I Want A New Drug" which was the most sexiest version I have EVER heard of that song (I mean...Damn! Whew!), and Randy Newman's "Political Science". I've got video of the Newman song and will be posting that along with a few others I was able to get as well.

Naturally, most of his performance consisted of songs from his solo albums. I loved "Thank You" and "Train Wreck" and... well... HECK... I loved it all!

Glen performed songs from a new EP he has out called Secrets of the New Explorers. Go buy it. It's fantastic. My favorite song on it is track #2, called "Solar Flare".

Anyways, after Glen's amazing performance, and encore, I gathered up my nerves and approached him by the bar. He smiled and had to go put his guitar up, but promised to come back and speak with me. Which he did.

First, I told him how nervous I was... ha ha ha. Then, how much I love his music. How I've tried to catch a show for many years, and was so thrilled to see him perform that night... Let alone, have the opportunity to meet him. I wrote a little note on the back of my contact card, with this blog address and gave it to him. That way he could read on here everything I wished I could tell him but was finding myself difficult to express. He was so down-to-earth, and thanked me for my appreciation and support of his music. Glen kindly signed my cd and even took a couple photos with me. I even got a hug before I walked away. I'm amazed I didn't pass out. Ha ha ha.

My hands were shaking a bit, on the way to the car. Thank God I wasn't going to be the one driving. *sigh* When I got home, I looked at my cd, and saw that he'd written "Jen - Hello, at last." In reference to FINALLY getting to see him.

Yes, Glen. Hello, at last... indeed.

More pics and video to come soon...