Hey all! New band to check out! From Northern California (Hey! Northern Cali girl here! Woo!) they are called Five A.M.

I have been listening to their newest album, Raise The Sun. That is some seriously good stuff! My favorite tracks are "Be Still" and "Fall Apart", although I enjoy the whole album overall. The lyrics are insightful and some songs seem to have a bit of a spiritual tone without being religiously overzealous. Which, I dig completely. I love songs that connect with me that way. This album has plenty of that.

I love the raspiness (is that a word?) of Trent Yaconelli's voice. The message he delivers is conveyed with raw passion.
The music is edgy and fervent, yet with soulful moments. A definite must listen to album!

Band members are:
  • Trent Yaconelli : Lead Vocals and Guitar
  • Zach Hammer : Lead Guitar and Vocals
  • Jason McGrath : Bass
  • Jed Friesen : Drums
  • Benjie Kushins : Piano, Keys and Percussion
They are touring with Sister Hazel. All you lucky Californians... go see what date/location is nearest you! Meanwhile, I have to wait 'til they come out to Georgia! For more info about the band and the tour...

Have a listen to this emerging and talented band. Their stuff is available on iTunes: Click HERE to check it out. I've already put the tunes into heavy rotation on my iPod!

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop by and thank you for playing our music. A couple of our songs, Just Say Anything and Be Still, have now appeared on the top internet radio charts and currently Be still just hit the Billboard top 200 charts and is moving up......thanks to podcasters and writers like you. Thanks for helping our little band get more fans and our music out to more music lovers like all of you. ~ Trent/Five A.M.