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After Sunday night, I have the pleasure of adding a new band to my listening rotation. The Interiors, played at Farm 255 in Athens, Georgia. I first heard of them because they would be sharing the stage with Mass Solo Revolt that same night. Both bands had been reviewed in the current issue (Protest 2008) of Under the Radar.

The Interiors are a trio, made up of: Chase Duncan (vocals/guitar), Collin Jordan (bass), and Brian Lubinsky (drums).

Honestly, I was initially distracted during the beginning of their set. A little busy getting my camera ready, for when Mass Solo Revolt would take the stage. That being said, it's unfair to give a complete show review. Instead, I'll just share my experience of discovering their music.

It wasn't long (by the end of the second song) before I quit fussing with camera settings and got into the music of this Chicago based band.

One song in particular stood out for me. It's called "A Crooked Line" and can be found on their self-titled album The Interiors. The intro grabbed my attention, right away. By the end of their set, I knew I'd have to get their cd, so I could get a better listen.

Fortunately for me, I not only got a copy of the cd after the show, but I got to hang out with Brian and Collin for awhile. Both really cool guys and nice to talk with.

This show was the last of the tour they were wrapping up. Chase apologized for being a bit under the weather, but didn't let that interfere with their performance. Overall I think it was a good show!

I'm excited to have learned of plans for them to come back and play in Athens next spring. I'm really looking forward to it! Don't worry... I'll write a real show review then! :) Still, I'm just happy I got the opportunity to hear their sound and discover this cool band.

I've been listening to their cd since the show, and enjoy it very much. "A Crooked Line" is definitely my favorite song. Look for an album review in the future.

Until then...

The Interiors are cool guys with much talent! I'm sure you will like what you hear! In the meantime, don't wait any longer for what I have to say about it!

Take a listen for yourself and check them out at
www.the-interiors.com or www.myspace.com/theinteriors.

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