LISTEN: David Leinweber (The Silverbirds) - Silverbird / Silverbird II

A couple weeks ago, I was introduced to the music of singer-songwriter, David Leinweber.

Last summer, the album Silverbird was released. This year, Silverbird II, became available. Both are a collection of original songs by Leinweber. Both are filled with a genre of music I hold dear to my heart.

A HUGE part of my love for the music of singer-songwriters, comes from growing up listening to the music of Eric Clapton, James Taylor, Michael McDonald and Jim Croce. Everytime I hear their music, I recollect fond memories of my childhood and a way of life very different from the more hectic and chaotic one I lead nowadays.

Though I sometimes hear influences of the aforementioned artists in the newer sounds of folk-rock, none capture the sound that is so definitive of those days. So, to hear this recently released music that could do that for me, really brought a smile to my face.

Silverbird (2009)
Best tracks
David has played in a wide variety of venues and musical styles (folk, rock, gospel) and shared the stage with many fine musicians. His noted influences include Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Dead, Eric Clapton, Norman Blake and Doc Watson.

For over 25 years, he's also taught piano and guitar and has extensive experience as a studio musician, and arranger, in addition to his talents as a singer-songwriter. Whether it's a solo effort, or collaborating with other musicians, it's clear that there is a special quality that exists in the music he creates and/or contributes to. The lyrical storytelling, the guitar playing, and David's voice...just meld together so perfectly.

David, along with Bob McMillan, play shows around GA as the duo, The Silverbirds. I look forward to checking them out live. In fact, they have a show coming up that I am going to try to get to!

The Melting Point
Tues, July 27, 2010 - 7:00 pm
Athens, GA
Get Tickets HERE.

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