MIXIN' IT UP: Dave's Mix for AMWOS

I remember the days before CDs were even around, making mixtapes in my bedroom. Waiting for my favorite songs to come on the radio, and trying to record them on cassettes as seamlessly as I could (not an easy task using the tape recorder feature of a boombox). Timing had to be just right, when you hit the REC button. Once in awhile, I'd plug in a mic, and record my own intros to each song, turning myself into a DJ of my own 'station'.

In the spirit of those great times, MIXIN' IT UP is a new category I decided to add. Sometimes, I get mixes sent to me of songs to check out. This category will feature songs from those mixes I get from a single source (friends, family, colleagues, other musicians, etc.) along with a thought or two from me about the mix. It's pretty much a review of mixes made FOR me and not BY me, that I enjoy.

This first set is inspired by an awesome mix of music I got from Dave Kraus over at Platform-One Entertainment, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Dead - Fools For Rowan
hauntingly beautiful...check out the video in this post.
In The Morning (Radio Edit) - Emrah Kento
this one gets me all teary-eyed
Slow Motion - Disaster March
ooh this one is sexy! love the beats.
Summertime - The Lost Boys
la..la..la..la.. summertime is good times!
Strung Out - The Primary
I was hooked before the vocals even started.

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