A WORD FROM: Jenny and Johnny - Special Show at Third Man Records in Nashville! 09/26

Jenny and Johnny have been touring the states to support their latest album, I'm Having Fun Now. The album was just released last month and is getting rave reviews! For you lucky folks in Nahsville, the duo will be performing at Third Man Records.

The show is tomorrow,  Sunday, September 26th at 6pm on 623 7th Ave South in Nashville. Advance Tickets are still available from the Third Man Records store TODAY from 12-4pm for ONLY $3!!!

And as if that isn't cool enough... when fans arrive at the venue their ticket will be stamped, after which, they have 3 days to return to the Third Man shop if they would like to purchase a black and blue colored vinyl of the show. These are a limited edition of 300 copies only, fans are only eligible if they attend the show!

Jenny and Johnny in their own words:
On the twenty-sixth day of this month, we will give a celebratory concert for three hundred of our friends at Third Man Records in Nashville, Tennessee.  We are celebrating the changing of the seasons and change itself.  However, since you have been so kind and gracious in your patronage of our new LP and our American tour, we don't want to take too much change from your pockets. Tickets will be three dollars.  The show will be in keeping with the ideals and practices of Third Man Records, which is to say that it will be recorded to tape in two fifteen minute sets, to be released at a later date.  We would like to thank Third Man Records in advance and promise to do our very best.
We wish you all a lovely Fall,
and J
Third Man Records
623 7th Ave South
Nashville, TN
Advance tickets available at Third Man Records Friday and Saturday from 12-4p.
Keep your ticket and redeem it for a Black and Blue limited edition vinyl version of the show.

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