SHOW REVIEW: Augustana

Instead of reviewing all three bands in the same entry, I'm breaking this up into three parts, in order of their performances.


Ahh...the main act, the band I came down to Atlanta to see...Augustana. The members of this awesome band are Dan Layus (Vocals/Guitar/Piano), Justin South (Drums), Jared Palomar (Bass/Vocals), Chris Sachtleben (Lead Guitar/Mandolin/Lap Steel) and
John Vincent Fredericks (Piano/Vocals).

The crowd went wild when they came on stage. They started their set with "Hey Now", from their latest album, Can't Love, Can't Hurt. It's one of my favorites so I knew this was going to be an awesome show. Some of my favorites they peformed included, "Sweet and Low", "Fire", "I'm Still Not Over You", "Sunday Best". At the end, they even threw in a Bob Dylan cover. That was cool and kinda fun, because I love Dylan.

The show had a really nice mix of performances. From rockin' out with some up tempo songs, to Dan playing the piano for incredibly beautiful acts of "Fire" and "Boston". There were even a couple times where all the guys gathered together on one side of the stage (opposite of where I was, so I'm lacking in good photos of this) in a half circle, to perform acoustically. My favorite of these was "Sunday Best". These five guys, particularly during these stripped down sets, show that they really have a lovely dynamic between them.

Overall, it was an excellent show. I had an amazing time! I think they're coming back to Atlanta again later this year. Hopefully, I'll get to make it to that one and see them again.

My one shot of the acoustic sets.

For more of my photos of Augustana, click HERE.

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