I DIG: Alexi Lalas

Alexi Lalas - as in THE Alexi Lalas, soccer star?

Yes. I just discovered that along with being President/General Manager of the L.A. Galaxy in Major League Soccer, nowadays he also has a bit of a music career.

WHAT?! Yeah, I know. That's what I thought too.

I was going through some old boxes and notebooks last night, and came across some stuff from 1994. I had a mad crush on Alexi back when he rocked the longer hair and goatee. I remember watching him play in the World Cup that year (on tv, of course. In person, I wished). So, anyways, I decided to look him up on my lunch break today and that's how I discovered his music on his myspace page.

Goodness, the man is still gorgeous. But, I digress...this is about music. I will have to listen to more of his stuff and then write more later. But, from what I've been listening to on his music profile, I'm thinkin' not bad.... I never knew he had a musical side. So, I'll leave it at that for now, and then update this entry after listening to his songs more.

Even if he wasn't a musician, I'd still dig Alexi Lalas. I would just be writing about him in my other blog instead of this one!

Don't worry...I'll try not to let my old school crush influence my review of his music. ;-) Ha ha ha...

No. Seriously. I won't.

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