LISTEN: Jeff Krantz - Phases

Yay! New tune from Jeff Krantz! You have to go to his myspace page to hear it!

Once again, Jeff delivers another incredible song. This one is called "Phases". Although only a demo recording, the song is so well put together, that it's hard to imagine doing much more to improve it.

Not unlike how I felt about "Last Goodbye", in "Phases", Jeff's music, once again, reaches out and makes another solid connection with me.

There is a depth to Jeff's songwriting that cannot be compared. The melody of his guitar hypnotically calls you to listen...there is something important he is about to tell. His gentle voice encouraging to come closer, and listen well.

As listeners, we are drawn into a world that Jeff so graciously invites us to be part of. It's his world you journey to, and yet there's a familiarity there. You know that world, you've been there before. Only this time, in a new moment, seeing things just a little differently.

For me, I recognize a world where my head and heart are full of contemplation. I am sitting alone at a park... I am curled up in my bed... I am strolling along an empty beach... And all the while, I am thinking back on past relationships, wondering where I would be if things turned out differently with someone I once loved. Asking myself or anyone who'll answer me, just how...when...why...things went wrong? How much of it was because of me...how much was because of him? How did I end up here alone?

As I get lost in this song, I find myself visiting a place of loneliness...remnants of a longing inside to have someone to share my lovesong with. Yet outside of this place, in everyday life, I'm honestly happy and okay not being in a relationship. I'm fine with just dating. Ahh... but for awhile... in this parallel world Jeff has transported me to, and best described in his lyrics
..."How I wish I had a lover for this lovesong..."

Thanks again, Jeff..for creating another addition to your collection of beautiful music and allowing us all to experience things with you. I really can't wait until your album debuts, and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way.

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