SHOW REVIEW: Five Times August

Instead of reviewing all three bands in the same entry, I'm breaking this up into three parts, in order of their performances.


The first act of the evening was solo act, Brad Skistimas, who IS Five Times August. Yes. Just one guy, but a talented one at that! The handsome (ah, but married) Brad, took the stage with his guitar and a readiness to sweep me off my feet with his music. OK. That may not have been his specific intention, since he's married and I didn't meet him until after the show. But, it sure felt like it from the moment he started performing his first song of the night. Besides, a girl can dream...;-)

I have video footage of that first song, which I believe was called "Do It Again", and will post that up as soon as I can.

It was my first time hearing his music, so I wasn't familiar enough with the names of the tracks to make a mental setlist in my head. I remember there was one called "Beautiful Girls" that I also like.

Brad's voice, the lyrics of his songs, and the melodies on his guitar made for a simply incredible performance. Not to mention, he really knew how to work the crowd. He interacted well, sharing a few stories (like sharing mics with the guys from Wild Sweet Orange) in between songs, etc. He gave off and received good energy with all of us in attendance. I would definitely go see him perform again, and recommend that if he is in your area, to check him out as well. Really good stuff.

Though I'm open to alot of types of music genres, I can be rather picky about the artists I will
call favorites. Of the wide variety of music I enjoy, I am really into the singer/songwriter genre... Glen Phillips, Emerson Hart, AA Bondy, and Jeff Krantz hands down. These guys are part of a present generation reminiscent of artists I grew up listening to as a child (James Taylor, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan). Brad, aka Five Times August, is a fresh emerging artist who is certainly on his way to becoming a fave too.

I'm glad I got the opportunity to see him perform, discover his music, and meet him after the show. He is really nice and down-to-earth. I got a chance to talk with him a little, get an autograph, and a photo. It's obvious that he loves what he does and it's wonderful to be able to share talent, passion, and creativity in this world. Thanks, Brad!

I better go download his album and add it to my iPod....

Brad & I after the show

For more of my photos of Five Times August, click HERE.

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