SHOW REVIEW: Escape The Fate at The Masquerade

On January 28th, Escape the Fate brought their Dead Masquerade tour to Atlanta. Being a fan of the band since their first album was released in 2006, I was more than ecstatic to have the opportunity to see them in their first headlining tour in support of their self-titled third album, Escape the Fate. At around 9:30PM, the lights dimmed, and the intro track, “Choose Your Fate”, began to play. The crowd was already moving wildly and screaming in anticipation of the band they had waited all night to see. Still with no lights on stage, the members of the band began to emerge from backstage one by one, only silhouettes visible; each met with louder and louder screams. Once all members had arrived the lights came up and they immediately went into the song “Massacre”, a hard-hitting song with electronic beats infused and a shredding guitar solo. I knew at this point that I was in for an electrifying show. The band was dressed in their best garb that consisted of leather jackets, ripped jeans and plenty of makeup, which I’m sure took a few parents in the crowd back to their glam rock days of the '80s.

Escape the Fate played through their set with a great sense of charisma and prowess, definitely making obvious their origins in Las Vegas. The show itself made me feel as if I was watching a band reminiscent of Motley Crue or Def Leppard. In a day where many hard rock/heavy metal bands just stand around and headband a little, Escape the Fate uses just enough theatricality in their show to keep it interesting and give it its own personality, with plenty of audience involvement. Vocalist, Craig Mabbitt, even jumped into the crowd near the beginning of the set, breaking his in-ears used to hear the rest of the band’s instruments, but they continued on with an amount of professionalism that is not often seen in such a young band. At the end of their set, they made sure to thank the fans, letting us know that the only reason they could do what they are doing now is because of us, which a lot a bands seem to take for granted a lot. It takes a lot for a band to be mature enough to realize that fans are the sole reason they are able to keep touring and making music.

To just be having their first headlining tour after the release of their third album, Escape the Fate shows no signs of slowing or tiring of doing what they love. This is definitely a band to keep watching as the years go on and I look forward to seeing more great things come out of this band. I know they have absolutely blown the roof off of every venue they have stopped at thus far, and if you like your music a little on the heavy side, be sure to check them out next time they are at a venue near you.

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