A WORD FROM: Tyler Alley

It's not even 2 months into 2011, and the year has already been keeping A Million Watts of Sound busy. Last year, I added Brian Jimenez and Becky Cruz to the team, and just last month, Will Avery. I'm so thankful for such great contributors! Especially during the weeks that sickness knocked me down a few pegs.

There is SO MUCH music out there! A lot of great music doesn't easily find it's way to the listener's ears as quickly as it should. With so many genres, the more of us posting, the more we can share with you.

So, it's my pleasure to introduce you guys to Tyler Alley. He is one of my dearest friends, with one of the most diverse and eclectic tastes in music I have ever experienced. LOL. No joke. We may not always agree on a song or artist, but that's ok. He has definitely opened up my ears to many new artists and genres, many whom I had never heard of before.

In his own words...
Ever since birth, I have enjoyed music in every form. My parents influenced my tastes a good bit, exposing me to such great artists like Yanni, Depeche Mode, Garbage, The Smashing Pumpkins, etc. It is from the sharing of their music that I also love to share the music I love with other people. Anyone that has ever ridden in a car with me will tell you that one minute we can be listening to the soothing voice of Celine Dion and immediately go straight to the shrieking vocals and down-tuned guitars of The Devil Wears Prada. I hope that by writing for the blog, people come to learn and grow in their appreciation of all different types of music, as I have over the years.
 You can contact Tyler at millionwattsoftyler@gmail.com.

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