On February 22, D.R.U.G.S. released their debut self-titled album to the world. Vocalist Craig Owens (ex-Chiodos), guitarist Matt Good (From First To Last), drummer Aaron Stern (Matchbook Romance), guitarist Nick Martin (Underminded), and bassist Adam Russel (Story of the Year) come together as a supergroup of sorts. Already playing a massive amount of shows, and headlining this year's AP Tour, this is one "new" band that definitely knows what they are doing. Here is the music video for their lead single, "If You Think This Song Is About You, It Probably Is."

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

The video is actually just the musical portion of a 9 minute short film that they did. I haven't quite figured out how to post the entire thing as I have it on my computer, so the censored Youtube version will just have to suffice for now.

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