SPECIAL: How Music Sustains Me

I know... it's been awhile hasn't it?

I promise I haven't forgotten. Just been overwhelmed. I've been running on autopilot for the most part, trying to make sense of all the chaos that has flooded my days lately. I had to take a break from the pieces I was working on, but hope to get them up soon. So, apologies for not having anything new in awhile.

In the past couple of weeks, there have been 3 losses in my life. One relative in TX and two people I know here in GA.

Among all the other chaos, these recent losses have made it particularly rough and emotionally draining.

So, yeah... I could really use a good punk or rock show to go to tonight. *sigh* God, how I love to jump around and scream with a bunch of sweaty people without a care in the world. Seriously. There's nothing better for some major stress relieving, I tell ya.

Well, I thought it would be therapeutic to write a bit about how music has helped me during these difficult times. Especially since the chances of me jumping around a mosh pit anytime soon are pretty unlikely.

Anyways... Music is life. I know, that totally sounds like some bumper sticker on the back of a band's van. But seriously... it is. It can evoke emotion and get your blood pumping. The feel of it coursing through my veins is so much that I sometimes take the experience for granted. Lately, my loaded ipod, with it's diverse playlist, have helped to sustain and give me much needed strength.

Sometimes the music comforts me, reminds me I'm not alone. Sometimes, it's my sidekick screaming with me out loud, the tension that needs to cut loose. And then there's the music that takes me places where I can escape from the daunting challenges of some harsh realities, and go to worlds of magic and inspiration. Whatever I'm feeling, there's music there to keep me company.

My current playlist is incredibly long. So, I'll just list the artists who have been in heavy rotation for the past 2 weeks. Their music, their voices, in their own way keeping me going. Thank you. All of you for the breath of life you give. Now, and always...

(Listed in no particular order, click on name to visit their websites.)
Remember to LIVE your life. You can stop on occasion to enjoy your surroundings, but don't stand still too long and let it pass you by. When I forget this, my music is there reminding me... inspiring me... and nudging me to get back on track. So here I am, coming out of autopilot and taking control again.

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