LISTEN: Tatiana Kochkareva - Dreamers (EP)

That voice. OMG. That voice. So distinct and extoardinary. Keep an ear out for this one, peeps. Tatiana Kochkareva is her name. Delivering incredible music is her game.

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, she currently resides in NYC.

Dreamers (2009) is Tatiana's recent EP release. Here, you can experience the range of Tatiana's talent in only 6 songs.

Best tracks

  • Dreamers
  • Social Standing
  • What Is It?
First, the title track starts you off on a melodic laid back journey.

Then into songs that are reminiscent of dramatic theatrical performances. Her meaninful lyrics are enhanced by the bluesy melodies of the piano, and the deal sealed by that voice! My God! That voice!

By the time you get half way through the album, to the song, What Is It? you are lost in a world of mad crazy talent. That one is my favorite track, by the way. Her voice, backed by the piano and a bit of distortion, makes for an eerily haunting yet captivating performance.

Two songs left and  Tatiana Kochkareva has got you under your spell.

This album is not yet available on iTunes, but her previous album, Moments, can be purchased there. Click HERE to get it.

In the meantime, check out her website for more about this talented artist. Sign up on her email list and get one of the MP3s from the Dreamers EP before it's released!

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