GOODIES: Travis - Free MP3 "One Night" (Live)

From the bulletin I received on myspace...
Download One Night (Live from Monterrey) at Travisonline.com

Hello all,

We are on the road again. The other night we played our first show with Peter Gabriel in Mexico City. Is really nice to be a support band again, if only for 3 shows.

Peter is a darling and has made us feel right at home. His wardrobe assistant even washed my shirt when i got sloppy with a sandwich.

Anyways, a few days ago, before we left, I found a live recording from Monterrey of our song One Night. We have only played this song twice and so it's lucky to have recorded it... on multitrack. Anyways we thought it'd be a cool giveaway to celebrate this leg of the tour.

Be good

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I love this band. Yay for free music from Travis!

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