LISTEN: Chrissy Coughlin - Look Ahead (2008) / You Never Know (2002)

"I love what you do to me...and I love how you make me feel"
(from the song "Back To You")

I woke up this morning and that song was in my head. One of my favorites from her album Look Ahead, it's hard to get out once it's in there. And I love what her music does for me. Yeah... I love how it makes me feel. :)

I've been listening to her albums for a few weeks now, and this is an artist that's definitely going places. I usually don't like to compare artists with other artists, but her music does call to mind a little bit of Sheryl Crow, Beth Orton, and Lisa Loeb. And those aren't bad comparisons!

You can find both of her albums on iTunes. (Click on titles to listen.)

Look Ahead (2008) is a wonderful mix of the upbeat and the soothing. A blend that's great for long drives or finding a quiet spot to get self-reflective.

Best tracks
You Never Know (2002) is a little more on the mellow side. But nevertheless, just as stellar as her newer album, and definitely full of her soul.

Best tracks
Chrissy's melodic guitar playing, illustrative lyrics and sweet voice are a perfect combination. Her music can't really be defined by one genre alone. She's rock, soul, jazz, folk... all in one. Yet, she's not so all over the place that you're left befuddled. Rather, she makes all of her talents come together, creating one standout artist!

Listen for yourself... I promise, you won't be disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

Chrissy's music gets stuck in my head too! Thanks for posting. I love this girl!