SHOW REVIEW: Christine Fellows / AA Bondy / The Weakerthans

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Original Blog Date: 04.09.2008

Marquee at the 40 Watt

The Weakerthans on stage.

Michele documents my first night at the 40 Watt.

CHRISTINE FELLOWS - www.christinefellows.com

Opening act for the evening, she was really good! Pretty much just her at the keyboard, and with a cellist accompanying her. I wasn't expecting this performance, as it wasn't listed in some of the promotion I'd seen for the show.
Wasn't quite sure what was gonna play before me and if I'd like it or not. I was anxious for AA Bondy to take the stage already.

I'm glad to have listened to her though. Her music is original and unique. I love the way her voice flowed up and down with the melodies.
Her songs tell these little stories. I'll have to pick up her album now, and listen to more of her stuff.

AA BONDY - www.myspace.com/aabondy

Although the second act of three for the evening, he is the main performance I came to see. He sang two of my favorite songs, "There's A Reason" and "Black Rain" which I previously posted what documentation I could get with a RAZR phone. I wish he would've done "Rapture", but I was still very pleased with his setlist and the whole overall performance.

He has a very Dylan-esque quality about him. His simple, no frills performance
reminded me of old Bob Dylan performances on the Johnny Cash show and the like. I think there was only one song where another guy played with him, but pretty much it was just AA Bondy, his guitar, his harmonica, and his music. Although, reminiscent of a young Dylan, Bondy still has a unique sound and intriguing lyrics. I find his music captivating and soulful. I can't wait to see him perform again.

THE WEAKERTHANS - www.theweakerthans.org

I like them! I wasn't able to stay for their whole performance, but did stay for about 5 of their songs. Some of which I'd heard from iTunes before. I must say, the songs I'd already heard, I liked...but really enjoyed much more after the live performance. They had a really good energy and presence onstage. I will have to get the rest of their tracks for my iPod now.

All in all...a really great show! Rock on!

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