THOUGHTS: Where Is The Love? / MUSES: AA Bondy & Jeff Krantz

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Original Blog Date: 04.10.2008

THOUGHTS: Where Is The Love?

Now, I'm no music snob, because I do have diverse music interests. I can listen to jazz, classical, r&b, reggae, industrial, etc. Just depends on the mood. But my favorite musicians fall more along the lines of alternative rock, indie, folk, electronic/ambient and punk.

It seems that the new music in the mainstream today is just hard to connect with. Everything seems to sound so "manufactured". Where is the love, the soul, the passion anymore? What happened to pushing creativity to higher limits and expressing ones individuality?

Come on, musicians, fellow artists! I don't want to hear music that is just made because you think it's what I want to hear and then I'll go buy your music and merchandise and you'll be filthy rich!

I want to hear the music that's inside you...that you can't wait for the world to discover...that bares your soul and all that you are! That's what I love to listen to! To be inspired by!


Which brings me to the next 2 sections of this blog entry. My Muses: AA Bondy and Jeff Krantz.

Now, I'm sure if you've been reading my blog, you'll have seen this name a bunch of times already. And you should know, how much I dig his music.

I won't talk too much about his actual music here, since I gave a bit of a review on his 40 Watt show already.

Instead, I'd like to share more of how he as a musician has made an impact on me.

I first discovered his music about a month ago. His song,
"There's A Reason" aired on the 03/06/08 episode of the tv show, Eli Stone. Even though just a portion of it played, the lyrics and melody grabbed my attention.

A lot has been changing for me over the past few months, and
"There's A Reason" just hit home. I kept thinking about reasons for all kinds of things. Reasons I ended up in GA. Reasons why I hadn't left. I thought of numerous experiences that led up to the person I've become and am growing to be. I truly felt this song in my heart.

I had to find out who was singing and what the song was! Well, I did and I got the album from itunes the next day and have been listening to it ever since. It's still my favorite track on the entire album, but the collection of songs on American Hearts is all really good!

Anyways, a couple weeks later, I decided to finally start writing again. I wrote so much when I was younger, and I'd been meaning to get back to it. Even had a few hand written journal entries at home... But I knew I needed to be more consistent. This song inspired some thoughts, and one day I started writing. If you haven't read it already, you can go to the archives and see that my second blog entry is entitled "There's A Reason". I feel pretty good that I've been really consistent with it too. Only missing a day here and there.

So, thank you, AA Bondy. For your music, your talent and for the inspiration it brings me.

So now, yesterday, I got an email on myspace from this artist named Jeff Krantz. I figure it's one of those spam emails looking for more people to join their page, and almost deleted it.

After seeing Bondy's show the night before, I thought, heck...I'll see what this guy's music is about at least. He might be good. So I did.

Oh my gosh! He's really, really good! And I told him so. He actually wrote me back a couple really nice replies too. I had mentioned just seeing Bondy perform, and apparently they'd both played SXSW recently. Very cool.

I've only heard his 3 songs, that are currently available for our listening pleasure. But he's working on an album to be released soon and I can't wait. I am so hooked.

One of the songs I really love, is called "Last Goodbye". I made it the song on my myspace page (which for the past month had naturally, been Bondy's "There's A Reason") because it's my favorite of the 3 he has posted there.

I like it because I can relate to it. The lyrics and the music express his heartfelt soul and passion so beautifully. Upon hearing a stripped down older version of "Last Goodbye", I was left completely floored. It actually made me tear up. Good thing I had waterproof mascara on. LOL.

Seriously though, it hit a nerve and really moved me. Now, the reasons for that song meaning so much to me come from a place that I'm no longer at. So for it to affect me the way that it did, shows just how Jeff's music has made a connection with me. That is not an easy accomplishment either.

It reached into a place I'd already boxed up and put away. It pulled feelings out of me that I hadn't felt in a long time. But I wasn't left full of pain and heartache again, as one would expect. Rather, I started reflecting on who I was a year ago, and who I am now. I look back at how much has changed and how my life is so much better.

It left me thinking how powerful music is. How it can spark something inside another person miles away and in such a personal manner.

I've been rediscovering alot of my creative talents lately and picking up a few new ones.

When I used to write alot before, poetry was one of the ways I expressed myself. I've had some friends, and even guys I've dated, take words I've written and put them to song.

So, where I'm going with this...is that since I'm keeping up with my writing again, the next stage is to explore it more and develop my words into poems and songs. Who knows where it will go?

I love music so much, but don't really play an instrument. I used to sing in choir but now it's just in my car, with my friends, or whatever. So...m
aybe I could look into songwriting. Why not?

Jeff is a great example of someone pursuing a dream and turning it into reality. Thanks, Jeff for inspiring me to do the same...for the random contact that led me to discovering your amazing talent. Thank you...truly.

All this after only hearing a few of your songs... Heh heh heh... What more of when your entire album comes out? ;-)

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