I DIG: Jeff Krantz

Jeff Krantz
is quite a talented singer and songwriter. If you've seen any of my recent blogs, been to my facebook or myspace pages, or talked to me in the past couple weeks, you are bound to have heard of him from me.

Or maybe you've discovered him on your own.

His name is getting out there, receiving coverage from Newsweek, Billboard magazine, CNN, etc. Jeff was recently
nominated for the Best Male Artist of the Year award from the IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards). Check out his website for more details about this talented musician. www.jeffkrantzmusic.com

He performs in the virtual world of Second Life (look for him under the name Hep Shepherd).
In fact, here is an incredible performance of "Stand By Me" (one of my favorite songs...EVER) on YouTube below:

Either way, if you haven't listened to him yet, you are missing out. So get to it and listen already. :-)

You can read how I came across his music and he became a muse for me, HERE. I wrote that entry just over a week ago on my other blog, but have since reposted it on this one.

I've since exchanged a few more emails with him and appreciate that Jeff
takes the time to stay in touch. I shared that I would be creating this new blog specifically focused on music related coverage.

His music, and the communication with him as a fellow artist, have
after all, been a major influence on me lately. Going beyond his music, lyrics, and talent...it's Jeff himself, who inspires me.

Since he is currently working on his debut album, I have to get my fix from three songs currently available to tickle our ears and inspire our hearts. Which, right now are on his myspace page and include:
  • "Last Goodbye"
  • "Wasteland"
  • "Your Ways"
I am eagerly awaiting his debut album's release and a possible fall tour on the East Coast. I'm hoping that it will include nearby Athens, GA. That, of course, will definitely give me more about him to write about. Meanwhile, I couldn't start this blog without including him in one of the first few entries! Thank you, Jeff!

Get used to his name. Like I said earlier, his music is getting out there. I know you'll be seeing him in my future blog entrie

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