LIST: 30 Favorite Discoveries of 2010

Whether through LIVE shows, music recommendations, or just searching on my own...I came across A LOT of amazing musicians in the past year, that I'd never heard of until this year.

So, I thought I'd share with you this mix, containing one song from each of the 30 artists that I was delighted to discover this year. Of course, there's still a couple weeks before the end of 2010...so who knows. I may update this to be 50 favorites. Keep following us and see...

Until then, I hope you enjoy these amazing artists as much as I do!

(In Alphabetical Order)


Max said...

Thanks Dear Jen for including us in your 30 Favorites; what an honour! I'm off to put on my best frock and party all night!

We look forward to more musical discoveries via A Million Watts in 2011 and wish you and your readers Happy Holidays wherever you are in the world.

See you next year!
- Max
The On Fires, Australia

jen said...

Thank YOU! That show in Athens was definitely one of the most memorable and meaningful performances I've ever been to...EVER... and I hold it dear to my heart. ABSOLUTELY can't wait 'til you guys come back to the U.S. next year!!!

Have fun and Happy Holidays to all your fans and followers as well!!! :)

Rock on!

~ jen

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us in your Top 30 of 2010! ~Katie Todd

Cate said...

It's great to see The On Fires validated for their musical talent... Keep On Rockin Hard MAX & THE ON FIRES!!!

Jason Poe said...

Hey Jen,

Thanks again for featuring me so much! I really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Jen -

Thanks so much for including The Famous in your Top 30 list! We are humbled and honored to be included in the company of so many great artists.

Hope you have a great holiday season and we look forward to sharing more music with you in 2012!!!

-The Famous