I DIG: Harper Blynn

Harper Blynn is one of the best bands I've come across this year, and definitely an instant favorite. Their first song I heard was a cover of Beyonce's "Halo". So amazing, I gotta say it gives the original a run for the money. I featured it in an earlier entry, HERE. I just can't get enough of these guys out of Brooklyn, NY.
I have been listening to their recently released self-titled EP, Harper Blynn and OMG! I'm so glad their music found it's way to my ears! The EP is a collection of passionate vocals, addictive music and incredible songwriting. I think my favorite would be a tie between "Every Impulse" and "Start All Over" and "Bound to Break". I just can't decide.

The band's name comes from songwriters, Pete Harper and J. Blynn, who share the lead vocals, though bandmates Sarab Singh and Whynot (yes, that's his name!) sing as well. These guys have a magic about them that I want to be a part of, and listening to them allows me to do so. Their emotion comes through in their songs and wow...it sometimes can be overwhelming. I LOVE these guys!

I hope they'll come to Athens or ATL in the near future so I can see them LIVE! They recently toured with Greg Laswell and Cary Brothers over the summer. And it looks like if you are lucky enough to be in NY in Dec, you can catch one of their next LIVE performances. Click HERE for details of their shows at Rockwood Music Hall.

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