DISCOVER: Phoebe Legere

If you haven't already, you need to check out Phoebe Legere's newest release, Ooh La La Coq Tail. An album not to miss, Phoebe's voice is absolutely delightful and complements this collection of jazzy melodies perfectly. Like the cover design, this album is both fun and flirty. Listening to it, I feel the urge to don a little black dress, throw on some heels and grab my boyfriend for a night out on the town!

"Playing Me Like A Piano" is definitely one of my favorites! I love the play on words and the flirtatious innuendo. I think its awesome that she has a song called "Crazy White Trash", that playfully keeps your toes tapping. Then, on the same album, you have the sensual "Prelude To A Kiss", and "Earth Singing World" where Phoebe's piano playing is captivating.

In addition to her talents as a singer, composer, pianist and accordionist; she is also a painter, a poet, and a film maker! So cool!!!

Check out this piece called "Appropriate Kiss and Wolf"!
Intelligent and incredibly multi-talented, I find Phoebe Legere absolutely intriguing. Keep it up, and keep inspiring, Phoebe!!

For those of you in NY on 12/21, you can experience LIVE performances at 8pm & 10pm at the Iridium Jazz Club (212.582.2121). You can also stop by there on the third Tuesday of every month, for more performances of The Phoebe Legere Quintet!



Phoebe Legere's MONAD said...

This is such a good energy take on my life and art. I just love that you show my painting, and that you took the time to really
I look forward to meeting you!


Jen--you captured Phoebe's new CD perfectly. Phoebe is a human dynamo and i just love the painting you posted. i will follow "A Million Watts of Sound"--susie in nyc