ON THE ROAD: Jeff Krantz

I've heard from Jeff, and sounds like his European Tour is off to a great start! He started his tour with an interview and performance of "Last Goodbye" on radio1 in Belgium.

If you missed it, no worries. It's up on their website archives. Click HERE. Then select "audio" and then his name. I could only understand Jeff, since I don't speak Belglian. However, it sort of sounds like German, which I do speak, so that was a little confusing. Ha ha ha. Anyways, at the very end, he delivers on one of my favorite songs. Do check it out!

He is playing tonight at The Living Room, also in Belgium. Then, a 2 NIGHT PERFORMANCE in Dublin, Ireland! That show is at Annesley House and features Chloe Lander on violin.

Visit his website, www.myspace.com/jeffkrantz or
www.jeffkrantzmusic.com for more European tour dates.

If you have the fortunate blessing of being in Europe over the next few weeks, go see one (or more!) of his shows. I promise that you will be glad you did.

For those of you, like me, unable to attend... make sure to check out his myspace blogs. He is trying to put updates as often as he can.

Heck, I may have to start a new blog dedicated just to Jeff! I've gotten so many hits on this site, just from searches on him. That's great! Anyways, until then you can check this blog often and I'll keep you Jeff Krantz fans posted too, as I hear anything new from him.

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