FEST!: ATHFEST 2008 - Sat. 06.21.08

I wore my Athfest 2008 souvenir shirt today, so I'd make the conscious effort to write my blog entry about it. :-)

I didn't get to take part in Athfest all day Saturday, like I originally planned. But, glad I was able to catch some of it. I went with a friend, and we didn't get there until around 8, but stayed until after 1:30 am.

Saw a little bit of the Modern Skirts on the main stage. I'd heard of these guys, but had never heard of any of their songs before. Only caugt the first few songs, since it was packed and I couldn't get a good view of the stage. Got a couple pics though.

My friend and I, then went to a bar and had a beer...OK, half a beer. I'm a lightweight and I don't drink often, so there. Whatever... I felt great and was enjoying the atmosphere and having good conversations and good times.

Walked around some more, checked out the scenery and some booths. Talked a little bit with a guy at the Performer Magazine booth. That was interesting and helpful. Especially, with some music projects I'm getting involved with.

Saw Mass Solo Revolt at the Rye Bar. They rocked! I like the venue too. It's small, but in an intimate kind of way. I was in the very front right next to a speaker. Should've brought earplugs to prevent going deaf. Ha ha ha. The show was awesome though. Just seeing them play was worth the drive to Athens! I'll have to write a little more about it in another blog.

Anyways, I didn't get to experience as much of Athfest as I wanted to. Still had a great time and will definitely spend more time at next year's event. But, what short of an experience I had, it was good times.

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