VIDEO: The Commuters - As I Make My Way

Check out this video for "As I Make My Way" from The Commuters. I love the song and really feel like I relate.
Though I've been trying to keep up with tweets and our FB page, I know the main blog has been a little sparse in recent months. Being multi-faceted and pursuing more than a handful of various passions in life, can get overwhelming sometimes. And for me the past several months have been quite a roller coaster...

That being said, after hearing this song, I knew I had to share it. Not only does it have a really good melody and just sounds great...but I love the lyrics.
"i'm on a journey, i've got my faith
i don't have to worry about my fate
the planets align as the will dictates
i'm writing it out as i make my way..."
Yup. Sums me up nicely...

I'm looking forward to checking out more music from these guys... When a single song can connect upon your first listen, chances are there's more good stuff where it came from. So discover them with me... check out www.thecommuters.com for more about the band. Sign up for their mailing list and get the 4-Song EP for FREE!


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