SPECIAL: Love and Inspiration on a Train

Last Friday, my boyfriend and I went to Star Wars Night at Turner Field. The Atlanta Braves were playing the NY Mets, and a portion of the tickets we got for the galactic night benefited Stand Up To Cancer. Having recently lost someone to lung cancer made it even more meaningful to attend this night.

It had been a long, stressful day and I couldn't wait to kickoff my weekend. We jumped on MARTA to meet a friend of ours at the Five Points station. While my boyfriend sat beside me, all calm and chill, I was antsy for us to get going. We already drove 45 min. just to get to the nearest MARTA station, and the train wasn't moving.

It was practically empty at the time, except for 2 people sitting in front of us. A young man and young woman, sat facing each other, each of them had guitars in hand. It was hard not to overhear some of the conversation, and I was intrigued. I could tell from the way the woman spoke so passionately about music and love...from how intently her companion was listening, that something special was about to happen.

And I was right.

We had several stops before we got to our destination, and after the first few minutes, the young musicians started to play. Diggin' the strumming, I laid my head on my boyfriend's shoulder and enjoyed the music...and then...

She sang.

I busted out my smartphone and started filming.

Running low on battery, after the first song, I remembered I had my camera with me and got a second video filmed.

I had decided before the first song was even over, that I had to meet them. No way I could get off that train without finding out who they were, so I could hopefully hear more music another time.

She is Atia INk and he is Joe Davis. They are awesome.

You can check out more music (without the MARTA intercom overhead) and information on the links below:

And for more information on Stand Up To Cancer, visit www.standup2cancer.org

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