SHOW REVIEW: Local Natives at The Masquerade - 10.15.10

No one has been working harder than the L.A.-based folk rock band, Local Natives. After touring extensively behind their debut album Gorilla Manor, including performances at Coachella, Bonnaroo, and a stint in Europe, they have made it clear that they are a band not to be missed. I first had the great pleasure of seeing them live at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this past summer. After waiting five hours in the grueling heat, the wait was worth it. Their performance was incredible, unbelievable, mind-blowing...exceeding my expectations x 1, 000, 000.

The second time around was no different. The venue may have been smaller and the fans a lot less smelly, but the show was just as electrifying. Devoted fans, myself included, waited hours before doors opened knowing that being front row at the Masquerade was the place to be Friday night of October 15th. After securing our spot in the front row, my friends and I waited with anticipation as the first band, The Union Line,came on stage. By the end of the first song I knew that this was the perfect band to open with. With their beat- driven songs and perfect harmonies, this band was the right complement to Local Natives. The Ruby Suns came on next. The crowd became intrigued as they began setting up their instruments, decorating them with gold foil and white Christmas lights. 80s synth-pop was the first thing to come to my mind. Their tropical dance beats got the crown pumped for what was to come.

Grinning from ear to ear, completely and utterly happy, there was no other place I would have rather been. About 11:00 pm, the audience got what they were waiting for. Local Natives took the stage and immediately opened with "Camera Talk." The album's most energetic song got the crowd jumping up and down, with hands in the air, all of Atlanta could have felt the energy bursting from the small venue.

They performed all twelve songs off their album, but added their own little twist to the beginning of songs such as "Sticky Thread" and "Who Knows, Who Cares" (my personal favorite) leaving the audience to guess what was coming up next.

The always handsome Taylor Rice let the crowd know that this audience was one of the best they have ever had, making the audience increase the volume of their cheers.
After a short break filled with chants of wanting more and a slow clap initiated by my group of friends, they came back out to play "Stranger Things," but what the audience was really looking forward to was "Sun Hands." The already high energy in the room was was building as the song approached the anticipated breakdown. Ever the entertainers, the band added a build up leading up to the breakdown. As soon as it hit, the audience went insane, not caring about who they ran into, but instead being led by the driving beat of the percussion.

Local Natives are unstoppable and always leave the crowd wanting more. I'm more than excited to see what they have in store next.


Myself, Taylor Rice (guitarist and vocalist), Brian Jimenez


Ryan Hahn (guitarist and vocalist) and myself


Friend, Andy Hamm (bassist), and myself


1. Camera Talk
2. World News
3. Warning Sign (Talking Heads cover)
4. Cards and Quarters
5. Sticky Thread
6. Wide Eyes
7. Shape Shifter
8. Cubism Dream
9. Airplanes
10. Who Knows, Who Cares

11. Stranger Things
12. Sun Hands

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