SPECIAL: Missing Michael Hutchence

Yesterday would've been Michael Hutchence's 50th birthday. I had the biggest crush on him growing up, and even now still love listening to INXS songs, and that deliciously sexy voice of his. Sadly, he decided to depart this world long before he should've gone.
Here's one of my favorite videos, from when I first discovered INXS. "Mediate" from the 1987 album, "Kick". Yes, I was 12 when I first fell in love... I miss you, Michael Hutchence.


Anonymous said...

Americans think of INXS as an "80's band," but they kept putting out great music well into the late 90's. They were an international band that remained popular in Europe, South America, Australia and Asia.

1997's Elegantly Wasted is still one of my favorite albums. It was #1 in several countries, including Argentina and South Africa.

Michael Hutchence solo album from 2000 is excellent, too!

オテモヤン said...
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