LISTEN: Lisa Jaeggi - Oh Lady You Shot Me!

Oh, Lisa! You got me!

Hook, line & sinker. I'm addicted to your album!

It's hard to believe this is a self-released, debut! The talent and quality of Oh Lady You Shot Me is incredible, and though Lisa may be a welcome new addition to my ears, she is definitely not new to creating music. If this is just the beginning, I am really looking forward to how her future albums will progress from here.

Seriously, people! Check out the song, Empirical Science, and hear what I mean:

Within the first 10 seconds, the fun melody hooks you in before a single lyric is even spoken! Right? Right! Of course, I 'm right! :-) Anyways, after hearing this, how could you not want to hear more?

Much like the rest of the album, there is just the right balance of sweetness, strength, and soulfulness in her music and voice. The stories of love and life she shares... the enchanting melodies, meaningful lyrics, combined with Lisa Jaeggi's lovely vocals... it all makes for a nine song collection of absolutely beautiful, musical poetry.

Hard for me to pick the 3 best songs on Oh Lady You Shot Me (2009), but if I HAD to, they would be as follows:

Best tracks

I am in love with these songs, and hope to one day hear them performed live. Let me know when you are in Georgia, Lisa!

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Lily Rivera said...

I totally love her too I have a link to her myspace on my own blog.. how not to love her if her music is motherfucking awesome!