LISTEN: Lucky Diaz - Rainy Day Dimes (EP)

The most common association of a rainy day is sad and gloom. So if you are feeling down in the dumps, don't despair! This album is your remedy! Get yourself some!

Feeling pretty good about life already? Why not feel even better?! This album is guaranteed to pick-you-up!

Rainy Day Dimes (EP) (2009) is the recent release from, Lucky Diaz, an accomplished musician, composer, and all-around natural creative talent, based in Los Angeles, CA!

Best tracks
The catchy and uplifting melodies combined with positive lyrics in "The Way" can't help but pick up one's spirits. "Song for You" also instills heart warming feelings of inspiration. That makes both of those songs easy favorites for me. I have to say that
"Before the Fall" rounds out my top 3. I love this one because it's full of romance and charm, yet conveyed in a more subtle and tender manner than the other songs.

Those are my top 3 out of the 5 songs on the album, but as a whole it's all wonderful.

Lucky takes those rainy day dimes and turns them into 'sunshine gold' with this EP. Don't miss out. Pick up this album and just get to feeling good already!

If you are in the Los Angeles area, you are in luck. Lucky's got a show at Genghis Cohen on next Friday, May 29 and an EP Release Party in the VIP Lounge at Cinespace on Friday, June 12. Click HERE for more details, or visit the links below for more on Lucky Diaz!

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