LISTEN: Dare Dukes - Prettiest Transmitter Of All

Twop. Pang. Hmm... trying to make a new word to describe the sound of Dare Dukes. Okay. So those words don't really work. Nevertheless, I love his music. It's like pop...with a bit of twang.

Prettiest Transmitter of All (2008) is the latest from Mr. Dukes. Go on and give it a listen.

Best tracks

So...the thing I love about Dare's music, and how I feel it is unique, is that it has a very retro vibe. I'm a designer, so I noted that even the cd's packaging design emotes a very retro kind of feel.

I need not close my eyes as I listen, to breathe in the feelings of nostalgia I get. Maybe it's because, like me, he's got Northern California roots and makes references in his songs, of places familiar to me.

But I think it's more than that. I think he has found a way to connect music of today with music of days gone by, in a manner that makes one wonder not where he is...but when he is.

Whatever the case, the music is good. Really good. I've been listening for awhile, and I really suggest you do so too.

He's got a couple shows coming up at The Soapbox in NC (05/23) and The Living Room in NY (06/21). So if you are in the area, check him out. See one of the links below for more info and details.

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