SPECIAL: Mike White

I thought I'd do a special post here, on the talents of Mike White. No, he's not a musician or in a band. But, he's definitely someone artists love to have around! And he's a 'rockstar' in my book. ;-)

Along with my love for music, is a love for photography. The work of Anton Corbijn and Patrick Rafanan have been my absolute favorites, though there are several others whose work I also admire. And now, Mike finishes up my top 3.

Mike is an incredible photographer out of Athens, GA whose specialty is in photographing concerts/live music. His talent is beyond description. I've been admiring his work for awhile, and in recent months have been fortunate to meet and get to know him. Awesome guy. Truly.

Talking with him at the Mass Solo Revolt show last Dec., it's easy to see that he loves what he does. And you've got to have that passion in addition to natural born talent, in order to be so good at capturing other artists doing what they love so passionately too! Mike's photography is so bad-ass, that I had a hard time deciding which ones to put up here. There were a lot of bands to choose from and so many great shots for each one!

In the end I had to pick images from a handful of my own favorite bands. I'll let the images speak for themselves.

Click on each of the photos to take you to galleries of more kick-ass images.

AC/DC| 12.16.08 | Atlanta, GA

Mass Solo Revolt | 12.14.08 | Athens, GA

Nine Inch Nails | 11.01.08 | Atlanta, GA

The Melvins | 08.18.08 | Athens, GA

Smashing Pumpkins | 11.07.07 | Athens, GA

Incredible, yeah? Umm. I say, Hell, yeah!

Now, go check out his full website at www.deadlydesigns.com. There is a massive portfolio of live concert photography to enjoy. Do it now! ;-)

Any bands, musicians etc. looking to have rockstar moments captured, should definitely get him behind the lens at their show.


Thanks, Mike for letting me put these up here!

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