SPECIAL: "In The Round" Performances by Ken Will Morton, Brian Ashley Jones, and Trevor Finlay

Ken Will MortonBrian Ashley Jones, and Trevor Finlay are getting together for special shows "In The Round".
After performing a well received show at the legendary Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, the funny and talented trio of songwriters were invited back to perform again on July 22.
Check out the video from the Sept. 2010 show below.

But you don't have to wait another month to catch the special performances of these three together. Brian, Ken, and Trevor have 2 happening in Georgia, THIS WEEKEND!
See details below:
Eddie's Attic
Friday - 06.24 @ 8PM
The Globe
Saturday - 06.25 @ 10PM
Bluebird Cafe
Friday - 07.22 @ 8PM
BRIAN ASHLEY JONES Hear music at http://www.brianashleyjones.com/
KEN WILL MORTON Hear music at http://www.sojournrecords.com/prod/artist/ken_will_morton
TREVOR FINLAY Hear music at http://www.trevorfinlay.com/

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