A WORD FROM: Will Avery

I love when I discover in others, the same zest and passion for music that I possess. Will Avery is just that person. A friend I have come to know over the past few months, he and I both enjoy a lot of similar music. While our tastes do vary some, the desire to share what we discover in music is the same, along with many of our favorites being rooted in the singer/songwriter genre.

Recently, Will expressed interest in contributing to A Million Watts of Sound. This worked out perfectly, as I was already noticing how our discussions on music leave me inspired and that his thoughts would make a great addition to the blog.

Since sharing with others is the essence of this blog, I would like to do that now and introduce you to Will Avery. I hope you will enjoy what he shares with you in his contributions as much as I enjoy the conversations we have.
In his own words...
I live for the musical experience.  I am a graduate student in history and write and research the music written by early 20th century folk musicians in textile mills and coal mines around the south.  I have a deep love for music rooted in the American experience; Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen, among others.  Protest music carries so much emotion with it, and tapping into these emotions is a way for me to connect with those that experienced the world differently from me.  I also delve into the more modern indie folk movement that runs through bands such as Iron and Wine, Brights Eyes, and the Avett Brothers.  Live music is one of my passions.  Not the experience where a concert will sound just like the album you just bought, but shows in which artists aren't afraid to try a song they have never played or just go out on a limb.  I look forward to sharing my opinions and experiences with anyone who cares to listen to my ramblings. 
You can contact Will at millionwattsofwill@gmail.com.


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