LISTEN: mixtapes & meltdowns - Paper Weight

A couple months ago, I came across the lovely music of Laurie Stark, also known as, mixtapes & meltdowns, on www.thesixtyone.com"Something to Humble Me" blew me away. It's not on the six-song EP I am reviewing, but check it out HERE and fall in love anyways. After listening to just this one song, I knew I needed to hear more. Whether paired with sexy beats, or gentle guitar strumming, Laurie's voice compliments her musical arrangements incredibly.
Self-recorded and produced, Paper Weight was released in August 2010, and is a must have for music lover's everywhere. Surprisingly, there isn't as strong an online presence for mixtapes & meltdowns out there as I expected. At least, not yet, So, I feel compelled and somewhat obligated to share this special treasure I found with all of you, and remedy that.
An instant fan of her music, it's hard to pick favorites. I love all the songs on this EP. However, "Feels Like Rain to Me" and the title track, "Paper Weight" are definite standouts.
Back in September, I was fortunate to exchange a couple emails with Laurie. She is a true artist, and kindly shared her appreciation of my support. I hope that you'll take a listen to the beautiful music she has to offer, and join me in supporting her. Go get this album!!!


Much love, Laurie. You rock. Keep it coming... :)


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